7 day park hoppers through Airmiles Onyx personal shopper


Jul 5, 2016
I just got the quote for two adult 7 day park hoppers for Feb 4 - 12 2020 and they will be 15425 airmiles.

Current cost to buy them from Disney is $1095 so depending on the exchange rate, the Cdn cash cost would be $1424 - $1479.

Do you think I should go ahead and order or wait for a possible Cdn resident ticket deal? Our FP date is Dec 6 (I think)


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Jul 25, 2006
I would wait. If there is a Canadian resident deal it would likely save you about 25% of the gate prices of passes. I'm not sure when that promotion has historically opened up but if I remember correctly it has been in the early fall, so you should be fine to wait until October to buy your passes. Also the Airmiles passes have so far only been base tickets, not parkhoppers, so keep that in mind as well; you might need to go back to the personal shopper if you need parkhoppers.

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Apr 18, 2005
Here's the thing with using AM. If you don't buy stuff just to earn miles than any reward you get through them is FREE. I personally do not believe in 'AM math'......free is free!

With regard to WDW discounts, don't ever expect them to continue a promo of the past. Canadians only rank around 5th in the number of visitors a year which sounds high but it's not to Disney. They look at us as sort of as a sure thing. The CAD discount tickets started last year at the very end of Aug. However, with AM you might have to wait longer for them to show up on the website. I suppose that if I had 4 months until my FP+ date I would probably hang on until earl Sept, maybe a tiny bit longer. Just be aware that if you then go back to the AM concierge the quote could be higher....also remember that using the concierge is not free. AND, you want hoppers...those haven't been an option with the discounted tickets but if the promo is still active at the time you are going to WDW you will be able to pay OOP for the upgrade.
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    Feb 12, 2017
    having this dilemma so very much! we have almost enough AM to call up the Onyx personal shoppers and make this kind of deal, BUT .... IF!!! there is a Canadian discount direct through Disney, that would be cheaper. But the AM are basically free so the Canadian discount would actually cost us OOP.
    soon I will be ready to join y'all in the PC Optimum points game. we used to work it super well when we needed infant supplies but it's been a few years. Also I dread going to Stupid-stores... so much social anxiety about those crowded large big-box stores... maybe they could add some rides and a mascot and I could pretend? Soon I am sure IKEA will sell a store-smell candle ; it will leave a faint flavor of meatball in your nostrils... ;D


    Jul 5, 2016
    I decided to go ahead and order! The AM site had 7 day base tickets good til Dec 31 2019 for 6050 AMs this past week but those are without park hopper and under the old promotion.

    If I had waited, I may have saved 100 - 200 airmiles but it's worth it to have them in hand now and eliminate the worry about how much, when, etc.

    Pretty sure I would've been ordering via personal shopper no matter what because I wanted park hopper and I've never seen that as a reward.

    Yay!! :flower1:

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