7 day eastern- St. Martin- Shore Exc and children

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    If we sign up for shore excursions that are for adults, can the kids stay on the boat in the child center? Also, is it difficult to get on/off the boat to retrieve the kids? The only cruise we have been on is the 3 day where the boat is docked directly at the port. It seems like I heard that we will need to take a dingy on the 7 day. Is that true? If so, can a person still get on/off at any time?


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    Yes, you can leave the children on the ship while you enjoy an excursion. You may or may not dock at St. Thomas depending on the day you are there. We did not dock and needed to use a tender, there have been others that have docked right at the pier. Obviously, docking is much easier to access the ship as you can just walk right up the gang plank. If you tender you can come and go all day, you are just limited by the number of tenders available and waiting for them to arrive/depart. That said, you should have no trouble getting back on board to check/pickup the children and then return to shore if you choose.

    (be prepared for a leave/never leave your children on board while on an excursion debate)

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