50% off Ticket Code for Radio City Christmas Spectacular in NYC

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by Crazy Hakim, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Crazy Hakim

    Crazy Hakim DIS Veteran

    Oct 29, 1999
    Go to www.radiocity.com

    Click on purchase tickets

    This code is valid for Snowflake dates/times (there will be a snowflake next to the date/show time) these are off peak times

    Good for 50% off any ticket. When it brings up the options to buy tickets you click on the box for the promotional codes. Then you enter the following code in the box provided, along with the number of tickets you want and the location (or best available)

    Code: ROCKET

    If you aren't successful with the first date/time keep trying. ENJOY!
  2. NeedaVacation03

    NeedaVacation03 <font color=green>My first pair of real sneakers c

    Mar 28, 2005
    Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!Now I am setting here trying to plan a quick trip to NYC!!
    My girls will thank you if this works out, but my checkbook wont :wizard:
    Thanks for the code :sunny:
  3. DizznyChick

    DizznyChick DIS Veteran

    Dec 20, 2005
    Thank you soooo much, I just bought our tickets for Dec 13th !!
  4. ncbyrne

    ncbyrne DIS Veteran

    Oct 24, 1999
    The Christmas Spectacular at Radio City is an annual event for me. For years I got FREE tickets with proofs of purchase for Polaner products. Sadly, that offer was discontinued last year. Any discounts are now greatly appreciated, thanks!
  5. loveysbydesign

    loveysbydesign I can pinch a penny so hard you can hear it scream

    Dec 30, 2005
    My dh and I would love to take our 7y.o. ds and 4 y.o. dd to see this! what are the cheapest seats that you can get but still be able to see ok? I checked out 2 dates with the code and one was for 2nd mezzanine and 1 for 3rd mezzanine. I;ve never been therre so I was unsure if those seats would be ok for kids. I don't want them to be bored-LOL!

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