5 months already in Iraq. (update on my brother)

Discussion in 'United We Stand' started by Mickey's sunshine, Jun 5, 2005.

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    May 23, 2000
    I post this on the CB and thought I would share it here too...

    I thought I would make a thread for those who have inquired on how my brother is doing over "there"

    He will be there 5 months in a little over a week....time sure has flown by. When he left for Iraq it was to be for 7 months but I dont know if that will hold true. He has heard they will be home in August but he has also heard November. I am hoping for August!!!

    He is doing really good, he LUCKILY has not seen a whole lot of action, a few things here and there. He did a good job ducking one night when a rocket/or whatever it was went flying over his head and landed a few hundred feet from where he was....did kill a few Iraqi police he and his group were training.

    He says it is very HOT over there, yesterday was 110 degrees, add 10 more degrees for the body armor and fatigues (long sleeves) they wear. HOT HOT HOT!! At night is does get a bit cool so I am sure that helps.

    I talked to him yesterday (it had been a few weeks since I talked with him) and he sounded good. He still has a sense of humor so it was good to know that place is not totally affecting him. He said they have been pretty lucky, unlike other areas.

    Well I think that is about it. We are planning his homecoming.....we cant wait!! He will have a new niece real soon and I hope he is home when she is born. (not me, our other brother is expecting).

    Will update more if I get any news or what have you. Thanks for reading.
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    Wow! The time has flown, I remember you posting before he even left and right after he got there. I hope the rest of his tour flies quickly for you all.
    DH will be finishing his 1 year tour any day now!!!!!!!!!!! :teeth:

    I will continue to pray for your brother and all the others over there.

    PS-it will get hotter. DH has already had 120 degree weather and I know last summer there were some 140 degree days! :mickeybar Depends on location too. AC's over there are working HARD.
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    Jun 6, 2002
    Glad he's doing well....we're about 4+ months in DH's 1 year tour. :hourglass

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