5 in a family, where to stay

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Winter921, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. Winter921

    Winter921 Earning My Ears

    Jan 3, 2005
    I am a family of 5. Why is it you cant stay at a hotel with 2 beds even if they have rollaways? What do you all do? Does anyone lie and say they have 4. My daughter is only 4, she would sleep with us anyway. It seems alot more expensive to have 1 extra person along !!!
  2. armomof3lvsdisney

    armomof3lvsdisney DIS Veteran

    Oct 6, 2003
    :cool1: Port Orleans Riverside

    POR has rooms with two double beds and a pull out trundle bed. We are a family of 5 and we love this resort. We will be going back in March. Its a wonderful resort. There is a $15.00 charge for the trundle bed.

    :flower1: Happy Planning :flower1:
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  4. BettyCv

    BettyCv DIS Veteran

    Dec 30, 2002
    It doesn't just "seem" like it - it IS!

    POR is the only moderate resort that can sleep 5 (unless you upgrade to a suite, which of course is a lot more expensive).

    You might want to also consider the Dolphin. It can accomodate 5 people in a room (but I believe they charge for a rollaway...?). Being able to walk to MGM and Epcot are a big plus to us, so we are considering staying there in May. If you are a govt employee, nurse, or teacher, they offer discounts. They also offer an Entertainment Book and AAA discount.

    It is my understanding that the occupancy limits are based on fire codes. I don't understand how a 2 year old in a crib doesn't effect fire safety - especially with the crib taking up so much room??? Our kids would be more than happy sharing a bed - we would just "re-make" the bed sideways and they would fit fine (they're 5 years old).

    As for your question, I am sure some people lie and have 5 people in a room. They are probably seldom, if ever, caught. But it would make me nuts to feel like I had to sneak my kids in and out, etc.

    BTW, welcome to the boards!

  5. goofy4tink

    goofy4tink No tags...not needed! Transportation moderator Moderator

    May 2, 2002
    Welcome to the DIS boards! I feel your pain. I tried to book a king bed room and couldn't since there were three of us traveling. My dd always creeps into bed with us at home so it would have been a treat for her to share a king size bed with us in WDW. As it is she and I sleep together in a queen while at WDW!!

    The deluxes all sleep 5. I have stayed in POR in the AB area and used the trundle bed. It's okay. But that room could start feeling a little claustrophobic after awhile!!!

    Another option might be to get 2 rooms, connecting, at a value resort. Or maybe a cabin at Fort Wilderness. THose are fun.

    AJKMOM DIS Veteran

    Jun 21, 2000
    If you lie about the 5th person, you won't get a resort ID for them, meaning you can't use the extra hours benefits.
  7. golfgal

    golfgal DIS Cast Member<br><font color=green>When did vacu

    Nov 27, 2004
    I have to laugh about the "fire code" excuse. If that were true, then every other hotel in the country would have this rule and they simply don't. Disney isn't stupid-they charge more for the 5th person because they can. We have 5 and it is unbelieveable how much more you pay for that 5th person.

    Again, if you sneek a person into a room, which you can, easily, they just can't do anything in the resort or parks because they won't have a ticket for anything.
  8. kristen0147

    kristen0147 Mouseketeer

    Aug 23, 2003
    My family of 5 had the same dilema. We decided to rent points from a DVC member and we are staying in the Villa's in the WL. It seemed like the best deal for us.
  9. pumpkinboy

    pumpkinboy <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Jul 22, 2003
    We have a ressie for 5 (DW & me plus DS 7, DD 5 and niece 10) in a deluxe bunk bed room at AKL (savannah view). In the deluxe rooms at AKL you get a little more space, and with the bunk beds, the floor space is opened up a bit more. AKL continues to have great WOW appeal for all of us, and since this is to be my niece's first visit, we thought this best for our first few nights. After AKL we join the grandparents (for a party of 7) in a 2BR at BWV.

    Other options include most of the other deluxe resorts, which have a number of rooms with daybeds in addition to the two queens. WL I know also has bunk bed rooms and is nice and close to MK. FW cabins would definately have beds for all of you, but transportation-wise is pretty remote. And of course you can always rent points from a DVC member and get a palatial 2BR, but that gets expensive for weekend nights (very affordable for Sun-Thurs tho); this option also has the advantage of full kitchen so you can save on breakfast & snacks, plus in-unit laundry facilities so you can pack less.

    Good luck to you!
  10. PamQ

    PamQ Earning My Ears

    May 14, 2001
    Do any of the moderate resorts have rollaways? We have booked at POR, but now I'm wondering if my son will fit on the trundle bed. I don't mind paying an extra $15 for the rollaways as long as I know that I can get one.

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  11. Winter921

    Winter921 Earning My Ears

    Jan 3, 2005
    good point!!

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