5/29 - Castaway Cay

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    Castaway Cay

    We were up early on this morning (set the TV to wake us up once we figured out how to do that. I hate wake-up calls!) We dressed our bathing suits and headed for breakfast at Beach Blanket Buffet again. This time, from the deck, we could see Castaway Cay!

    We wanted to get an early start because we were going to be snorkeling, and I wanted to get there before the water got to cloudy. Also, DH is a red-head who sunburns if he thinks about going outside, so we wanted to be able to come back to the ship when he got too crisp.

    We were among the first people off the ship (there was no crowd leaving yet), and we caught the first tram to the main area. We headed over to Gil’s Fins and Boats to pick up the gear. It took a few minutes to find a mask that would fit over DH’s glasses (not too large or thick, we never did find a mask that really fit well. Mine, on the other hand, fit perfectly into the mask, but I could see better without them!) The attendant gave us brief instructions on how to inflate the life vest (you don’t have to inflate it, you do have to wear it. If you inflate it, however, you don’t have to worry about floating or sinking!). We headed to the snorkeling area and found two lounge chairs together, in the shade, right at the edge of the water! This was getting better every minute! We went into the water (which was a bit cool) and waded out to about waist-deep to put our fins on and try snorkeling for the first time. It was wonderful. There were lots of fish, the water was crystal clear, and for a while we were the only people there. DH is not a good swimmer and his mask kept filling because he couldn’t get a good seal, so he went back to the beach while I decided to try the expert course (of course, I’m not exactly an expert since this was my first time, but I can swim fairly well and I had my life vest, so I knew I’d be alright). I was able to finish the whole course! I saw Mickey, and all the other goodies which are underwater (I’m not telling any more—go and look for yourselves!)

    When the water got too cloudy, we headed up to “She Sells…” to buy some postcards, then took the tram back to the dock to visit the post office. Then, back on the tram and back to lunch! Lunch at Cookie’s Barbeque was really good. All the usual picnic fixings—hot dogs, hamburgers, salmon, chicken, corn, pickles, potato salad, cole slaw, chips, cold drinks, and an impromptu performance of “The Macarena” by some of the cast members who jumped up on the tables and danced. I was really pleased that they brought around a cart to refill your drinks so I didn’t have to walk back inside for more Fruit Punch!

    We spent a while longer on the beach, and I did a little more snorkeling. Then we two old folks were tired and headed back to the ship before the rush which we knew would come.

    We decided to head up to Deck 9 and refill our mugs and sit at a table and watch the people boarding. Once the horn blew to warn people that it was time, a huge crowd formed at the ship’s entry. We watched everyone boarding, then the horn sounded the ship pulled slowly away from the dock. During the entire time that the ship was pulling away, a few of the cast members on the island, wearing big white “Mickey Mouse Gloves” waved to the ship. When it finally cleared the pier, they gave a very deep, very theatrical bow and Castaway Cay became a memory.

    We decided to soak our old bones in the whirlpool for a while, and floated in the pool until it was time to dress for dinner.

    Dinner was at Parrot Cay, and once again, we really enjoyed the food. I had the Caribbean Seafood Stew, and I have no idea what DH had, (I think it was some kind of pork dish) but he said it was really good too! I really liked the room—the “banana lights” down the center are just what I need for my dining room (NOT!)

    We had both gotten dressed up for dinner since we had spent all day in bathing suits, and, since we looked nice we decided to get a picture taken by the photographer. We chose the background of the full ship (it’s going to make a great gift for my MIL. She’s been begging for a decent picture of us together for 28 years!) We spent some time talking to him since I’ve done some photography and he saw my digital camera and had all kinds of questions about photo editing when the picture is digital.

    We wandered around the ship for a while longer, on the outside decks, then headed to the Cadillac Lounge for our “nightcap” of Coke, some good music, and then off to bed!

    BTW- Castaway Cay was an interesting treat for us. We live within two blocks of the ocean at home, but it's a whole different experience!

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