> 4 people, 3 weeks, 2 resorts and 1 Kingdom! Day 14 - IOA & rain, rain rain!!

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    FRIDAY 25th May 2001


    Cast list: -

    Me (Shaun) - Wallet opener, chauffeur and bag carrier
    DW (Alison) - Chief planner, navigator and mother
    DD # 1 (Alexandra 7) - Cautious, shy and parking lot number guru
    DD # 2 (Laura 5) - Daredevil, chatterbox and sleeper

    Up relatively early this morning at 07:30 a.m. considering yesterday. Laura still not impressed with the early mornings!

    We managed to eat in between yawning and set off for IOA. Awful walk again but at least this time we are under cover - JP 404, thanks Alexandra!

    This time we are going for it so hold onto your seats and look out! -

    We started at Dr Doom on our own - DDs still happy to drink and eat Pringles!

    I wasn't toooo sure about this, but WOW, that upwards blast is great! -

    Over to Suess landing for the kids and we do Cat in the Hat again while DW goes off to get the Express Passes for Duelling Dragons, JP River Adventure, Popeye and Bluto, and Dudley do-rights.

    We met up with DW at Duelling Dragons and rode on Ice. This is a great coaster! After Hulk it was the best in Orlando in our opinion (even better in the front row - but more of that later!)

    Hunger sets in already! Never mind the lines are shorter before midday!!
    So we stopped for food at Burger Digs -


    The burgers were COLD, so we took them back and got some lukewarm ones- BLLAAHH!

    The problem was that they weren't cooked "on demand", but stacked up like Macdonald's. We had got there early so we were unlucky. Maybe we should have taken them back again but we just couldn't be bothered!

    It's packed today and I noted some of the many school trips: -

    North Miami elementary
    Pinewood Hills Baptist church
    The Egyptians
    And a cast of thousands, all running and shouting etc

    I went off to have another go on Hulk (using the singles line) while DW and DDs spend a long time in the JP Discovery Centre, which they all enjoy. This is a very clever area mixing your DNA with that of a dinosaur and seeing raptor eggs hatching. There's even a CM being a scientist behind glass and talking to people explaining things! It was great (as well as being cool in the heat of the day!)

    When I get back I have a quick go on a couple of the machines and it's off to JP River Adventure. This was VERY good themeing and one of the best rides here. Didn't get wet on this one although I did change into my pool shoes to be on the safe side! Before you ask, no the girls didn't do this ride!!

    Over to Popeye & Bluto - whatever you may read about this YOU WILL GET SOAKED FROM HEAD TO FOOT!

    You have been warned but it's a great ride.

    Dudley do-right had broken down, so we went over to Suess landing to get changed into dry clothes that we had placed in the lockers near the entrance.

    I had yet another go on The Hulk - I still can't get over they way it blasts you out of the gun!

    We went to Duelling Dragons, which we had Fastpasses for and queued up to ride the front of Fire. Riding in the front seats is absolutely awesome. We stayed and got in the queue for the front of Ice, but a storm was gathering so all of the outside rides were cancelled.

    By the time we got the girls it was coming down in stair-rods! - this was real biblical proportions!

    There were people fighting over the last of the poncho's and huge pools of water everywhere!

    We dodged back to Suess landing and went on Cat in the Hat to use up some time hoping the rain might have cleared a bit by the time we got out. No such luck! We hung around for another 20 minutes or so but in the end we decided to run for it! Well, if the walk feels long usually, you can imagine what it feels like when you are soaked, it's raining very hard, you're wading through pools of water about 6" deep in places and I ended up carrying Laura in places!

    We got absolutely DRENCHED!

    Made it back to the car in the end (with Alexandra's help - we'd have got lost without her on more than one occasion this holiday!)

    We got back to CBR (having soaked the car seats in the process) and got changed then headed straight out to Crossroads. We were going to TGI Fridays but the queue was coming out the door! So we decided to try Pebbles Restaurant. This was not recommended to us previously but it was really good and we were the only Brits in the place - this is what we want!

    We ate:-

    Chicken Nuggets and chips & Pizza for DDs

    1/2 rack of ribs
    Chicken Vesuvius & pasta
    Jacket Potato
    Key Lime pie
    2 x ice cream and strawberries
    2 x coffees
    2 x soft drinks
    1 x beer (may have been more!)

    Total cost $52 (incl. Tax)

    Excellent service, food great and good value - Check it out!

    Bypass TGI Fridays and venture over here for a pleasant change!

    Back to CBR to ponder what to do about Memorial Weekend (if we thought it was crowded before what on earth were we going to do this weekend!) -

    Tomorrow: MGM & BB
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    Thanks for the wonderful reports - luv reading them!!!

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