4 people, 3 weeks, 2 resorts and 1 Kingdom! -Day 10 ~ MK & TL

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    MONDAY 21st May 2001

    MK (ee) & TL

    Cast list: -

    Me (Shaun) - Wallet opener, chauffeur and bag carrier
    DW (Alison) - Chief planner, navigator and mother
    DD # 1 (Alexandra 7) - Cautious, shy and parking lot number guru
    DD # 2 (Laura 5) - Daredevil, chatterbox and sleeper

    Can you believe this? – DW up at 5:15 and everyone else at about 6:30!

    After the last fiasco we just HAD to get the most out of Early Entry! – we left at just about 07:00, drove to TTC by 07:20 (park in Minnie 35) and on monorail and at MK gates by 07:30! - it can be done!

    But our tickets came up with EXPIRED! : mad:– dash over to Guest services who phoned the CBR to confirm that we had LOS passes. They gave us temporary ones for the day and told us that we had to get the tickets renewed at the CBR. So, after our great start we still didn’t get into MK until about 07:45.- Blast!

    Are we ever going get into MK ee at 07:30? – I wonder?

    Into the park and over to Fantasyland for Winnie the Pooh, Small World, Peter Pan and Cinderella’s Carousel. (Well, we are trying to keep the girls happy!! I don't think they'd like Alien Encounter or Space Mountain!!)

    Stop over in Tomorrowland for Buzz and TTA which we all love - none of the family can beat me at Buzz though!!

    Over to Adventureland for Jungle Cruise (no Safari Stuart as DixieAmos would say!!!)), POTC and Country Bear Jamboree. Well, we’ve never been in here before and now we know why – IT’S AWFUL!!!!

    However we did get to have a rest in the cool, so something was good about it!

    It’s now getting hot and crowded so we head out of the park and take the resort boat back to the Poly and into Captain Cooks. Lovely! – We eat muffins, doughnuts, Danishes and coffee and the setting is great. We have a wander round the Poly and decided we'd love to stay here one day especially as one side of the Poly is close enough to walk to the TTC to get the Epcot monorail without having to change. Oh well, when we win the lottery we think!! Watch this space!

    I’ve been a tad Grumpy lately so I pop into one of the shops and buy DW a pair of jewelled Mickey head earrings and give them to her to say sorry – gawsh!

    (They must have been good as she’s still wearing them now!)

    We calm down and head back to TTC to collect the car. We walk as we are parked in Minnie35 – sooo close to the entrance!

    We decided to stop at CBR on route to TL to sort out the issue of our tickets.

    Now, we take back all the good posts we said about the CBR check-in on day one! – what a shambles!

    We arrive at about 12:55 and DW explained the situation to the desk CM (ie room keys fine, dated OK but LOS part of key has expired - we had prepaid LOS passes in UK for the entire 3 week holiday!) CM checked the computer and confirmed everything thing that we had said. Off she goes to the side room to speak to her manager. She must have disappeared into a “black hole” as she doesn’t reappear for 15mins!

    She came back at 1:10, apologised and said that she had to re-enter the complete booking, issue us with new room cards/ park passes etc and to charge everything on the bill so far onto our credit card! We said OK and she prints out the new cards – Guess what? – the date reads 29th May not 2nd June!!!!!!


    She goes away again to see the mystery manager in the black hole! (We think - why doesn't he/she come out?) We're just so laid back/chilled out we don't even make a fuss!!

    5 mins goes by, it’s now 1:20, she destroys the new cards and prints out new ones which read 1st June !!!!!!

    NO, NO, NO – 2nd June Perrrrlllleeeeassseeee!

    She apologises again and once more goes to see her manager!

    Back she come, still with the cards that read 1st June plus cardboard passes for us all for 1 day only. OK, we’ll settle for that, but wait – NO FLEX FEATURE as per the original card is shown on the room keys.

    CM checked the screen again and said that we weren’t entitled to a flex feature – OH YES WE ARE!

    We insisted, politely, that this was the case!

    Guess what? – she goes off to the black hole to consult her manager (still unseen)!

    1:45, she returns with paper vouchers for our flex feature – at last!

    So, that’s 50mins hassle plus 15mins lost ee time all for their stupid error – GGGGGRRRRR!!!!!!

    The CM was very nice throughout, and kept thanking us for being so nice and patient and said that anybody else would have been screaming blue murder!! Oh, we're English dear!!

    Time to calm down so it’s off to TL and buy a TL refill mug on the way in – great, that’s 12 different beakers we have now! These mugs are a great deal - $9 first day for free refills all day and if you re-use the mugs at any Disney waterpark on subsequent days it's only $4.50 plus tax!!

    Next we manage to bag a couple of seats and dumped our gear.

    Now on our last WDW vacation 2 years ago, DDs HATED this place and were really scared about the wave pool and we only stayed for about ½ hour.

    We let the girls loose in Katcahakidee Creek and they soon progressed to the medium slides into the main pool. A big wave came in but they soon got used to it. Not long after they progressed to riding the waves as they went off – they absolutely loved it! :CONFUSED:

    Alexandra rode a couple of the other slides while Laura and me walked around the grounds to see what else there was. We went back to DW and told her that Laura had seen the Shark Reef and wanted to give it a go. DW had grave misgivings about this but went over anyway to have a look.

    DW said ok as long as she had a life-jacket on. Guess what – she loved it! The only problem was that the mouthpiece was too big for her mouth and she kept gulping loads of cold salty water. She got out and Alexandra decided to do it! – this is unheard of!

    Now, Alexandra doesn’t like touching any living animal (or dead for that matter!) and has got out of the sea before when she has noticed a tiddler swimming 5 feet away!

    (Have you noticed that you scream the same amount if seaweed or a Great White Shark touches your leg – LOL):d :d :d

    Dumbfounded I took her over before she changed her mind, but she also loved it! She snorkelled like a pro, going around and around.

    Another quick go in the wave pool and we got changed and headed off to Jungle Jim’s for dinner at Crossroads.

    This place is Great! – DDs had Pizza, fries and drinks, we had Ultimate Nacho’s, Steak and fries, Caesar salad, cocktail for DW and 2 (very expensive) Guinness pour moi! - (Hey, I'm worth it!).

    Grand total $78 – we all felt very full up after this!

    Popped into Goodings for a couple of essential items, beer etc, then headed off to Lake Buena Vista outlets for some trainers (sneakers) for Alexandra. At last, found some in shop number 2 – didn't think she'd ever find any!!

    Back to CBR to find the toys watching the TV!. DW did some laundry and DDs went for a swim while DW and me had coffee by the main pool.

    All is calm and we crash into bed by about 11pm.

    Tomorrow: - USF & EPCOT
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    Thanks for the wonderful reports - luv reading them!!!

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