4 Park orlando flex ticket


Earning My Ears
Feb 1, 2001
I bought 4 Park flex tickets last year which at the time were valid for 7 days.

I've heard that the tickets are now valid for 14 days , what does this mean for my tickets.

Are they valid for 7 days or will they automatically be upgraded to 14 days.

Arriving next week , appreciate a quick response.


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Sep 26, 2000
Hi mike,

I would think they should be good under the new policy. You havent activated them yet. Maybe call before going and check. If the pass is the same as beinf offered now it should also be good for the 14 days. Have a great trip!! :D



Earning My Ears
Jan 12, 2001
I just received my Flex tickets this week and the 2 adult say 14 days (issued in 2001) and the children say 7 days(issued 2000, they must have old tickets left). I sent a question to ticketmania who I ordered from to verify if I would have a problem with the kids being only 7 days and they said no all flex tickets will be 14 days from the first day used and that all the workers are aware of this. So you should be able to use them for 14 days.

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