4 nights or 7 night?


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Nov 6, 2008
Let me start by saying I would never consider a cruise shorter than 7 days.

The cost of getting to the port (shuttle, airfare, fuel, rental car etc...)is the same for any length cruise.

I can't justify the cost getting from NJ to port Canaveral for a 3-4 day cruise unless it was combined with a WDW vacation.


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Apr 16, 2007
We have two children - 3 and 2. Which cruise should we do? Short or long?
I am in the minority as I would go with the 4 night cruise if no one has experienced a cruise before. We are thinking of taking our first DCL cruise sometime next year and while both DH and I have cruised before and love it, our two DSs have never cruised, so our first cruise with them will be either a 3 or 4 night to see how they like it. Cruising is a lot of fun and while most people love it and do fine, there are some that don't take to it too well. Speaking for myself only, I wouldn't want one of my boys on a ship for 7 days if after day 1 or 2 they really didn't like it. The 7 day would allow for more time to explore the ship as there are sea days, but those could also be long days for someone who doesn't care to be there and/or might get sea sick. Keep in mind that these are just my individual opinions/thoughts for my family as your family might be fine, but I would choose the shorter cruise to try it out. Good luck with your decision.


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Nov 13, 2012
Long. The only way I would ever do a short cruise is if I lived right near the port and didn't have to travel to get on the cruise ship. Since I have to travel pretty far to get to a port a short cruise would be a waste of time and money and effort for me.

(I'm also the type that doesn't think it's possible to have a bad cruise. I can have fun in most situations and if you're at all the same I bet you would enjoy a long cruise even in a worst case scenario where you discovered a cruise wasn't really your thing.)


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