4 Bed Villa, "Canopy", Glenbrook, Clermont

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    About the Glenbrook Resort Development...

    Glenbrook is located on Highway 27 North of the 192/27 junction.
    1st set of lights - WalMart
    2nd set of lights - WinnDixie
    3rd set of lights - Walgreen's, and Glenbrook

    Traffic can get a little backed up on the 27 right at supper time (as you're coming up the ramp from the 192 onto the 27 - hopefully the new Western Beltway will alleviate some of that) Didn't have to wait long though. 15 minute trip to WDW parking lots on regular traffic days.

    Glenbrook itself is a non-gated community, and the main thoroughfare, Morningstar Drive, connects with the next development over, Sunrise Lakes.
    There's a mix of short-term rentals, and permanent residents. The community pool is huge, tennis courts, volleyball area, 24 hour fitness centre (key code access), and a large community room - big screen tv, comfy couches, computer with internet. A shuttle to the theme parks, shopping malls, etc, is also available, $8/person, prebooked.

    Walgreen's, CVS, urgent care center, pay up front - discount for cash and Visa;), CITGO gas station, pet hospital, Radio Shack, Pasquales' Pizza, veterarian services are all right there at the lights.. the sidewalk takes you right up to "Sunrise Plaza" for all the above mentioned services, a 5 minute walk from Canopy.

    Fireworks are visible from Glenbrook. We never checked at our villa, but did see them driving into the development one evening.

    The villa, Canopy...
    Here's the link to the owner's website:

    Everything is exactly as it is in the pictures :thumbsup2

    We were provided with an access code to the key box at the house a couple of weeks before our trip, along with complete address and directions to the house. Easy to get there and into the house. We hate having to try to find a mgmt company office, "check in", get a key, and then back into the car to try and find a house. JMHO, we prefer the key box access.

    A "Welcome Pack" was waiting for us on the kitchen counter, a loaf of bread, popcorn, cereal bars, and treats for the kids..in the fridge was a litre of milk, ornage juice, water, a stick of butter, and some eggs.

    Canopy has unlimited long distance national and international calling. We picked up the phone, and were able to call the family back home and let them know we'd arrived. We really didn't anticipate that would be such a wonderful addition to the house. We've never called friends and family much on vacation - it was always just too expensive, but having this was great!

    The villa is also equipped with wireless, high-speed internet.

    Unfortunately, our laptop is not:(
    ...but we were able to bring our connection cord, plugged it into the back of the box.

    Carpeting in the living and bedroom areas, which we prefer. Vacuum is in the utility room, along with laundry hamper, clothes basket, broom and dustpan, and the alarm keypad. The utility room goes through to the garage.

    The garage is going to be transformed into a Games Room this summer.
    We'll try that out on our next trip back.

    Beds are all very comfortable, mattresses are firm. Lots of extra blankets, sheets and pillows. TV remote controls all worked, and cable is in every room. Ceiling fans in the living areas, and in the mstr suites. DVD players in the 2 twin bedrooms. Sofa bed in the livingroom.

    PS2 and a good selection of games in the family room. DVD's books, pencils, paper, menus - and lots of good books.

    Tons of colorful pool towels, and a poolside drying rack.

    Lots of house towels and hand towels. My wife did have to go buy some facecloths..$5 for 12 at WalMart.

    Kitchen is well-equipped, lots of plastic glasses for poolside. Nice feature in the under counter water filtration system. (E-Coli and all the other nasties filtered out) We didn't have to lug any bottled water home from the grocery store, which we have done on previous trips.

    Pool area is great. 2 padded luxury loungers, and table, umbrella, and four padded chairs. Solar blanket on a roller to cover the pool.

    Pool and spa heat was great! The controls are inside the house to turn the pool light on, and to activate the spa jets. Spa heated right up to 104* in a little bit after it was turned on.

    We had great contact from the owners, answered every question we had previous to the trip.

    We've rented a few villas, and this is the one that gets our plans for going back.
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    Thank you for the detailed descriptions. We will definately be staying in a pool home during our next trip. Though the home was beautiful, we had a bad experience with the management company during our last stay and it is nice to here from people who have stayed in specific homes.

    The welcome basket sounds very nice. When we had arrived at our rental home during our last trip, we arrived late at night due to our flight and there was no toilet paper or soap at the home. :sad2: Thankfully, my DW did pack some. :thumbsup2
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    Glad you enjoyed Glenbrook,

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    Looks like a beautiful rental. Thank you for sharing.

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