3rd Annual T-shirt Exchange


DIS Veteran
Apr 7, 2000
The 3rd Annual T-shirt Exchange is now open for sign-ups!

This is for regional t-shirts only, i.e. the t-shirt should reflect the area or state in which you live.

If you would like to participate, please send me your mailing address and an e-mail address. Your e-mail address will only be used if necessary.

I'll also need the size you wear. Please note whether it is adult or children sizes, especially when it comes to the children.

And if you have participated before, let me know what states you have received t-shirts from and I'll do my best to have one from a different state sent to you.

The minimum price is $10.00. This does not include postage. Freebie t-shirts should be included as an "extra" only. Sending your package with delivery confirmation or some other form of tracking is highly recommended.

Signups will continue through June 10. The mail by date will be June 20.

Children are welcome to join us. If your child wears an adult size, then they will exchange with an adult.

If you would rather not mail internationally, please let me know.

If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them.

Let the signups begin.......


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