3 more "sleeps"!!!!

from Canada

Feb 20, 2000
Hi all....well, we leave in 3 more sleeps...Im soooo excited.:bounce:
We're leaving on Thurs am (31st) and are staying for 2 weeks. We're flying Air Canada, and renting a van thru L&M rental. I have received so many amazing tips here. I can't thank you enough. Im going to try and take mental notes while we're there so I can give you all a good report when I get back. We're staying at HIFS. Im going to change some of our $$ tomorrow...uuuugggghhhh!! I've started to pack, but really need to lay everything out and be sure Im all set. Its a small world after all.....2 friends of ours (from our town) are going to be at Disney at the same time as us. And, we're all going to be at MK on the same day!!!(Fri). I just checked the weather and its calling for 80's on Thurs/Fri. I hope that holds true!! (Figures we're going to Florida, and there is a warm spell in Southern Ontario!!) Any way, if I dont post before then....see you on the 15th!!!
Have a great time. We stayed at HIFS twice now and my kids love it. Don't forget to play bingo and kareoke at night. Hope you have awesome weather. Fill us in when you get back.
Have a great trip...we are in the final countdown as well! We leave Halifax onn Friday Feb. 1. Fly to Tampa and rent a car. Leave Mother In law with her brother and go to WDW on Feb 3. We are staying at POR for 10 days and then returning to Tampa for two more days. We plan on going to Seaworld, Bush Gardens and USF. Can't wait!!!!

Could you let me know how L&M is when you return. We also have a mini-van reserved with them.
Have a great trip,Karen.You have one to,DCinNs.I am so jealous;)

Wow I can feel your excitement!:D

Have a great time and please let us know all about it when you get back home....I'm also interested in L&M rental! Have a safe vacation!:wave:
Woo hoo! How ever exciting, Karen!!! Have a wonderful trip!!! :wave: I was in WDW mid-February last year, and we also stayed at the HIFS. A great hotel, and an all-around great time of year to go! :) Enjoy and be sure to tell us all about your trip when you get back! :sunny:

I hope that you have a great trip too, DCinNs! :wave: Have fun! :)


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