3 days to disney and advise.

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by tjaronb, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. tjaronb

    tjaronb Earning My Ears

    Apr 16, 2007
    I have not planned anything but my dinner reservations, I don't even know were I will start... We are doing Liberty Tree, Ohana, Coral Reef, Boma, Chef Mickeys, Crystal Place...

    Anyone I should knock and try something more exciting? ALSO any pointers on anything special.. THis is my first trip and DD will be turning 2.
  2. lynninpa

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    Jan 5, 2006
    My motto is "As long as you have your ADRs, everything else will fall into place." :thumbsup2 I think your choices are great for a first trip to The World! Enjoy!! :wizard:
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  4. jimmytammy

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    May 27, 2002
    I agree with lynninpa, you have some great choices, and changing this late in the game may spell doom for any other ADRs. Stick with what you have.

    We have eaten at all but Coral Reef but know folks who love it. Ohana and LTT are our favs among your choices. Boma is a great experience. CP has a good buffet with lots of choices at night, enough to satisfy a wide variety of tastes.

    LTT is fun and meal is always good, and you would brighten somebodys day if you gave up that ressie. Ohana is fun as well. If it works in timing, be sure to catch Wishes from there. They turn the lights down, pump in the sound and the magic happens.

    But beware, ALL of these meals are seam busters if you know what I mean. Dont hesitate to eat and enjoy, but be light on any meals leading up to your dinner meals. I would suggest to snack or share a counter service with others during the day. This way once you get to your ADRs you are ready to enjoy!!

    And one other thing...take it all in, I mean all of WDW, and truly enjoy. So many times people rush like chickens with the heads cut off, it all becomes a blur, you get tired, cranky, your feet hurt, you get fussy with the kids, the kids get fussy with you, etc. You see where Im going with this...just slow down and enjoy your first trip!! Have fun!!
  5. crzy4dzny07

    crzy4dzny07 Mouseketeer

    Apr 29, 2007
    We just got back with our just-turned 2 year old daughter and our almost 6 year old. The restaurants were a bit much for our 2 year old. We started our character meal marathon at Chef Mickey's. It was fun for the kids and the characters were very, very patient with our daughter. She screamed for all of them but Mickey. We were celebrating my son's birthday at Chef Mickey's and they gave him a special laminated placemat autographed by all the characters and a cupcake and Minnie Mouse came by and sang happy birthday.

    Most places will bring out a free kid's milk/water/juice for your daughter even though she's not on the dining plan. Just ask, we didn't ask about paying, we just asked if she could have one. No one ever mentioned we'd be charged for one and we never were.

    Our 2 year old wasn't impressed with Coral Reef. She liked the strawberry smoothie we had with dinner. She liked watching the fish, but the divers terrified her. She liked coloring the fish book they gave the kids. She like the flan for dessert. I think she had 3 bites of steak for dinner. My advise here would be to bring something else your daughter will eat.

    Boma... for kids they had penne pasta w/meatballs, spaghetti sauce, chicken tenders (not strips, but more like giant nuggets, not bite sized), french fries, and a fresh fruit bar. Our server noticed our daughter was eating nothing but strawberries and asked if she liked PB&Js or grilled cheese. She had the cooks make her a grilled cheese sandwich.

    Crystal Palace was fun. Again, not much my 2 year old liked. We went for lunch. She ate strawberries again. She wasn't eating much on this trip. She liked this place and the characters were super super patient and extra gentle with her. She didn't even scream here.

    One place I'd call and see if there was ANY way you could get in was Hollywood and Vines Play n Dine breakfast or lunch at MGM. They have JoJo, Goliath, and 2 Little Einstein characters. My family thought that this was THE best character place we were at. I even think my daughter ate more food than fruit here. They were telling the walkups that lunch was all booked up for early times, but come back in the late afternoon (1pm or so) and they'd try to get them in. If you get in for breakfast they have Mickey waffles. I'd knock off one of your Mickey meals and go here instead.

    Don't forget to go to the special playhouse Disney concert series that is going on right now. If you want tickets for an early show, go first thing in the morning.

    I'd go to the barber shop in Magic Kingdom (if there isn't THAT long a line) and get some pixie dust (Mickey confetti) sprinkled in her hair. A quick brush, coloring (green/purple/pink, etc) and pixie dust is $5. We had our daughter's first haircut there and she didn't even scream becuase they are so patient with kids. We waited endlessly in line, though... that was frustrating.... To get to the barber shop, walk in the left entrance, go past the fire station, and it's tucked in the corner on the left of the giant Disney store.

    All of the parks have kids playgrounds that your little one can run around at and relax. The park becomes too much for 2 year olds and it's nice for them to be able to run around and go on slides for 20-30 min. Pooh's corner playground is closed at Magic Kingdom but they have a small mini playground for toddlers at the exit of the Splash Mtn ride.

    My 2 year old loved going to downtown Disney and using one of her snack credits for a rice crispy bar covered in candy (at Goofy's candy store). We also used a lot of snack credits for smoothies and frozen lemonades. I think that's mostly what she ate all week.

    Cosmic Rays has huge meals you could use 1 CS on and they are big enough to split. If you go into the left port on the chicken side you can get a chicken and ribs plate (1/2 chicken + 4 ribs), 2 sides, a drink, and dessert, for only one CS credit. The plate comes with mashed potatoes and carrots but you can switch out any of the sides.. my daughter wanted apple slices instead of carrots and would have chosen french fries instead of the mashed potatoes. The other side has a huge double bacon cheeseburger with fries (again, you can switch for apples). You don't have to get the adult desserts at CS places but can choose to get the kid's meals desserts instead. We ended up getting a lot of chocolate chip cookies because they are packaged up and easily travel. You can get large drinks, too, so you can share those with your daughter easily.

    Have fun!!
  6. queenofhartz

    queenofhartz DIS Veteran

    Aug 15, 2007
    Hi tjaronb! :wave2 First of all, have a magical trip!! Secondly, I think your ADRs look great. I wouldn't change any of them. I haven't been to all of those places, but I have been to Coral Reef, LTT, and Boma (we loved all of these). O'hana and Crystal Palace are on my ADR "wishlist" for 2008. ;) I think you'll be pleased with your selections.

    I agree with jimmytammy. :thumbsup2 you're not going to see everything on this trip, so don't try to. If you and or the little one need a mid afternoon break/nap, don't hesitate to go back to your hotel for a little R&R. I always plan a non theme park day midway in my trip to do some swimming, sleep in late, rent a boat, whatever. :boat: It refreshes me for the rest of the week.

    Also, I think it is a good idea (if you can manage it) to be at the park when the park opens. Most people don't do this, and the crowds really seem to pick up after 11am. :crowded: If you get there early, you'll be surprised how much you can see without super long lines. I don't know if it's still extremely hot, but the heat is also much much more tolerable in the morning.

    If you are staying at a Disney resort, be sure to check out which mornings and evenings you can use EMH. If you're not staying in a Disney resort, I would recommend that you avoid the EMH park on that day (just my personal opinion; I think they are more crowded).

    Oh, and don't forget to stop by guest services and pick up a Birthday Button for the birthday boy!!!! (That is, if he's not really shy...usually the button brings along some extra attention) ;)

    I hope you have a great time!! :yay:
  7. tjaronb

    tjaronb Earning My Ears

    Apr 16, 2007
    Thanks Ladies...:cool1: :yay:
  8. septbaby

    septbaby DIS Veteran

    May 23, 2007
    We did not skip the MK EMH and I am so glad, the characters were out and very playful with our 5yo. He had just selected and gotten his ears so these were the "with ears" photos. He spotted Pluto (short line) and that was stop #1, next was Goofy, he was playful even knocking off his ears (CM helped put 'em back on). Chip and Dale were loads of fun. We skipped Mickey and Minnie as I convinced him he'd seen them already.

    We rode the carousel and small world, but chose Aladdin vs Dumbo because of the line. We passed on Peter Pan's Flight due to the long line as he had already ridden it about 4 times! As you may have noticed we spent our time in Fantasyland. Toontown was not open :sad1: as Goofy's Barnstormer there was his favorite ride. One of my favorite WDW photos: nephew rocked out, ears cocked to the side in the stroller at MK EMH! We were waiting for Grandma to return from her hour of fun at MK and he took full advantage of being in the stroller. I that photo just summed up his WDW experience: don't stop 'til you drop!
  9. dreamn_Disney

    dreamn_Disney <font color=deeppink>I am flippin hilarious<br><fo

    Feb 18, 2007
    A not to be missed time if your child loves the characters is LOEMH at MK. The characters do not autograph at this one or pose for photos. They play with the children. We had so much fun and rode so much in Fantasyland in that first hour. I have wonderful photos of my ds and dd, even, playing with Pooh and Tigger. We went to it 2 or three times our last trip. My sons favorit character meal was the breakfast at Hollywood and Dine.

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