25th Wedding Anniversary Trip


I really need some Disney Magic !!
Aug 21, 1999
My DH and I are taking our first solo trip since we been married. Talking 25 years baby. :teeth: Is there some kind of button we can get that says 25 years married, that we can wear. I think it is a bit more accomplishment that just any b-day. Not to put down birthdays. But we are quite proud that we stayed together for 25 years. When I think of the percentages that do not make it to that pinacle :confused3

Thought it might be fun!!! :earboy2: :earsgirl:


<font color=blue>Enjoyed an anniversary dinner at
Sep 23, 1999
We were there on our 24th anniversary and we bought a bride Minnie and groom Mickey pin. They were separate and just the head. Lots of people asked if we were on our honeymoon and we said yes ....our 24th to be exact. People seemed to love that. Even had a security guard grab everyones attention in some very long lines to announce it. We were just there last week and while I didn't look everywhere I didn't notice the ones like we have, just ones with Mickey and Minnie together. We also got something extra special at Cindys for people that eat there on their honeymoon or anniversary. We didn't wear the pins to get anything free, but when people would ask it felt like everyone was celebrating with us.
They do have an anniversary pin with Mickey and Minnie but it doesn't have a year on it.
Happy anniversary!!


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