2021 Gay Days at WDW


Earning My Ears
May 13, 2021
I just saw that gaydays.com has postponed their 2021 gay gays expo. Our family does not do any of their events or stay at their “official” hotel but we do go for the days in the Disney parks as identified by their calendar. Basically I’m wondering if anyone cancelled their trip or will there be other proud families in WDW June 1-7?


Oct 6, 2017
I never had a trip booked for this year. BUT I highly doubt the cancelling of the expo and events at the host hotel will stop people from celebrating gay days in the parks. Everything at the host hotel is more geared towards partying. But there are a vast amount of LGBTQ people who do the red shirt days at the parks without ever stepping foot at the expo or going to the pool parties.

I'm certain there will still be plenty of folks at the parks celebrating for red shirt days, as that tradition in orlando dates back before Gay Days was the massively organized thing it is today. It might be less people this year because 1. pandemic travel restrictions 2. other gay days events were cancelled so some ppl may have decided to nix the trip 3. the park reservation system may restrict people making a last minute decision on going.

I know Magic Kingdom day is Saturday and I expect you will still see plenty of happy LGBTQ people in the park, decked out in red/pride gear that day =)


It's all about the Villains
Jul 8, 2008
And for anyone curious, for Disneyland, it's the first weekend of October, every year. We've been to both. We prefer the DL one, because of the cooler weather, compared to FL in June.
  • DoleWhipsPlease

    Earning My Ears
    Jun 1, 2021
    Are people still going despite the official event cancelation? Just realized I happen to be there that week (didn't intentionally plan it that way) and now I'm bummed it's not happening. I'm wondering if it's still a thing people will attend, and if there's a site or forum where people discuss this on? (sorry if this is a silly question, I'm new at this)