2019 Disney bride! A couple questions?

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    Hi everyone! I've been a lurker for awhile and decided to finally post :)
    March 8th of this year, the love of my life proposed to me at Magic Kingdom, it was honestly perfect. We were eating lunch at Be Our Guest (I've always admired it and dreamed of dining there from afar, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite), he had stepped away to "go to the bathroom", but was really talking to our server so that he could propose when our dessert came. He didn't get down on one knee, but took my hands across the table as our dessert was set down, and asked me to marry him. He could barely get the words out, we were both choked up and crying. It was so beautiful and perfect, everybody around us applauded.
    Since then, we have jumped a bit around with ideas for our wedding, but I realized we were worrying about making it the perfect wedding for everyone else, and not ourselves - as it should be. We plan on an intimate gathering, most if not all family, so the Escape package just fits, and it's great for our budget too! So far we know we want to have our wedding sometime around November 2019, definitely a bridal portrait session in MK and back and forth on Cinderella's carriage. We're debating between wedding pavilion or Canada's Terrace, leaning toward the second though. Also have been looking into adding a private meal after, and MAYBE an Epcot dessert party. We've also been thinking about picking a photographer for the day and using the free Disney photographer for the dessert party if we go that route. Not entirely sure if this is all in our budget, which is $12-15, maybe 16. I was wondering if this sounds reasonable to do all this with that budget?
    Also I was curious if for the Canada Terrace, if the park would be empty and it would just be us and our guests, or would people be walking around the park? And for songs to walk down the aisle and first dance, can these be actual songs or does it have to be played by the musician? And if so, does this mean only Disney songs or can we request any song? And my last question is, will it be strange to have a morning ceremony, brunch/lunch meal (no real reception), and then a 5-8 hour gap until the dessert party? I would love to have guests there but also not sure if it will be considered rude to leave them on their own for a lot of the day. Thank you so much in advance!!
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    Welcome, and congratulations!

    This episode of my podcast covers everything you need to know about the Escape package: https://disneyweddingpodcast.com/2018/01/10/escape-overview-faq-2018/

    That should be doable, especially if you do a regular restaurant reservation for your post-wedding meal and have the dessert party be your only private event.

    Your ceremony will be held at 9am; World Showcase doesn't open to the public until 11am, so there won't be anyone else there yet. I recently interviewed a Canada Escape bride. You can see there's no one else in their photos: https://disneyweddingpodcast.com/2018/07/25/escape-wedding-spotlight-bethany-ben/

    If you want them to play actual songs (recorded music) you'll need to pay for a hookup to your phone or a CD player. The package includes audio, so the charge to add this may not be too high. But if you want a professional sound tech to run it, that's another charge.

    If you stick with just the musician included in the package, they can play anything you want. Your planner will let you know if they need sheet music for any of your selections. But the guy who does a lot of their weddings can usually play almost anything on the spot, even if you just hum it to him or play a few bars on your phone. Here's my interview with him: https://disneyweddingpodcast.com/2015/04/22/vendor-spotlight-disney-violinist-robert-kerr/

    MANY of us have done this. It's pretty standard with Disney weddings, and guests actually enjoy the break. It's better if the break is longer because then they can get stuff done: return to their resorts, visit the parks, nap, swim, etc. The problem comes when your gap is only an hour or two and they have to hang around with nothing to do.
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    I think for your last question you would have to think about what is custom in your circle of friends and family. Are there specific people who would consider this rude? Talk to them in person to explain why it is organised like this. For the others highlight the benefits of having this break. If you prepare them for it, and manage their expectations, you have won half the battle. There might still be people who wouldn't like it, but it will be impossible to please everyone. This is the day for you and your love, your wishes should come first. If you make a whole program for that break, you will probably be even more exhausted at the dessert party than your guests.

    If I was a guest I would welcome it, you get up very early (which is of course done with love for the happy couple :) ), so to have a break to get a shower, some rest, sounds like my kind of plan :) And maybe it would be a blessing for those with small kids?
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