2013 Marathon Weekend Trip Report

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  1. xDisneyAngelx

    xDisneyAngelx "Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow"

    Nov 16, 2009
    !!Welcome to my first ever trip report!!


    Me- 23
    Mom- 54


    January 12 - 16


    Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House (DVC)
  2. xDisneyAngelx

    xDisneyAngelx "Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow"

    Nov 16, 2009
    Time - 5:30 am
    Time to get up. I hopped in the shower and then got dressed. :coffee:

    Time - 6 am
    Mom picked me up and we are on our way to where????

    :cheer2:!DISNEY WORLD!:cheer2:

    We had an uneventful car ride up. The weather was sunny and cool. Halfway there we stopped at the rest stop to pick up some coffee and use the restrooms.

    Time - 9 am
    We have arrived at Walt Disney World :cool1:

    Time - 9:30 am
    We arrive at our hotel. We went to check in and since our room was not ready yet we decided to leave it with the bellhop - which was great since all we had to do when our room was ready was go to their desk and let them know where our room was and they would have it sent up. Anyway, now it is time to head over to Disney's Animal Kingdom. So we hopped on the bus and were on our way.

    We safely arrived at the park. The weather was warm and sunny. I was so excited that this is the start of a great vacation. First off we went to pick up our seasonal passes. Didn't have to wait long :-). As we enter the park me and my mom have decided to make Kilimanjaro Safaris our first ride of the day/trip. It was a 10 min wait which actually was pretty much a walk on. But we went and grabbed Fastpasses first. We had a blast and we saw a lot of animals. We also took a stroll around Pangani Forest Exploration Trail to enjoy the gorilla's (Mom's favorite). The only thing I didn't like about the trail was the nasty hissing cockroaches they had. :crazy2::scared: After the trail we were getting hungry so we headed to Asia and went to Yak & Yeti to get a quick bite. It was getting pretty humid and hot out so we both agreed to catch Finding Nemo The Musical which is our absolute favorite! Show was amazing as usual :-D Next on our agenda was to head over to Dinoland U.S.A to go back to the Cretaceous Period on Dinosaur. The line had a wait but was not long at all. After going back to the Cretaceous Period to catch the Iguanadon (I have no idea if that's how you spell it lol) we headed over to the Tree Of Life to become honorable bugs at It's Tough To Be A Bug. I love the part where the bugs crawl under your butt to leave lol. After the show we headed back to Africa to do a few more rounds of Kilimanjaro Safaris. Next we walked over to Rafiki's Planet Watch to spend some time at the Conservation Station. After that we went to catch the last showing of the Festival Of The Lion King where we sat in the Lion section. What a great way to end the day with an amazing show that we seen a million times and never disappoints.

    After a beautiful day at Disney's Animal Kingdom we decided to head back to the hotel to unpack. Our room was 5120 *Savanna View*. We had the bellhop guy bring our bags up so we can unpack. After our bags arrived we unpacked and laid back for a little. Then we decided it was time to catch the bus to head over to Downtown Disney.

    We finally arrived at Downtown Disney. I love this place at night. Anyway, my mom and I were pretty hungry so where do we go? Earl of Sandwhich of course! It's our family tradition. I had the Hawaiian BBQ which was amazing as usual. After dinner we decided to go over to World of Disney and do a bit of shopping. My step-father bought me a Disney gift card for Christmas. I bought a pair of Mickey earrings and a Mickey ring with my birthstone *ruby*. I loved it :-) . After shopping we decided to have Ghirardelli's for dessert. I had a strawberry milkshake which was delicious. As we were enjoying our dessert we enjoyed the night time dj they have at the Marketplace ampitheater. Then we decided to take a nice stroll all the way to where Cirque Du Soleil is and back whilist watching the entertainment and dancing and singing along to the music. By now the time was a little after 10 so we decided to call it a night. We had a wonderful day and looking forward to rope drop at the Magic Kingdom the next day.

    DAY 2

    My mom and I got up at 6:30. We had breakfast in the room as well as coffee while watching the loving Stacy. We took our showers then headed to the bus stop. Not before long the bus came. I love the music they play on the Magic Kingdom bus. Anyway, when we got to the park we had chills down our spines since this was our favorite park. Then the opening ceremony starts...I always get teary eyed when I watch this. Once inside we did something different. Instead of doing our normal Tomorrowland area first we walk through the castle and head toward the Journey of The Little Mermaid ride. I was so excited because this will be my first time riding it. It was a walk on. I loved it :-) . After spending time under the sea we decided to fly into space on Space Mountain. The ride was intense but in a good way lol. If I remember correctly we headed to the Tomorrowland Speedway. Then it was time for Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. I finally hit the 999,999 mark after years and years of trying lol.

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    Oct 29, 2012
    Great TR! :)

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