2012 Dining Prices?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by poohbear12880, Aug 15, 2011.

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    Jun 27, 2006
    I am looking for the 2012 prices for meals like Ohana, Boma, Character Dining, Whispering Canyon, etc. I know that many of these restaurants have different prices for holiday "peak" times as well. Does anyone know where I can find the 2012 prices? Since the dining plan has increased for 2012 I am assuming that prices for these meals has increased as well. Thank you for your help!
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    From what I understand, Disney does not have a set time to increase dining prices at the restaurants. The general consensus is they will probably go up a little bit, but no one really knows.

    If you're trying to create a budget, about the only thing you can do is use the prices that are listed here on this site ("dining" on the toolbar above) or at allearsnet and give yourself a little leeway. You do need to know that most of the buffet prices that were updated on these sites in Aug reflect summer peak pricing.
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    ^^ This.

    However, historical data shows an average 2-3% increase year to year. It could be more, it could be none.

    If budgeting for OOP, I'd go with a high 5% estimate. If comparing DDP and OOP, I'd stick to about a 3%. (The methodology is that you end up over estimating the cost OOP and underestimating the savings on DDP, both of which are better options than the opposite).

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