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    I've been looking at the Disney Dining Plan brochure from the WDW website. What caught my attention was the number of restaurants that have dropped off the list for the dining plan. For example, the ONLY TS restaurants at Epcot listed for 2010 are the Biergarten, Coral Reef, Le Cellier and the Rose & Crown. There's also the character meals at The Garden Grill and Akershus Hall. But that's it.

    Does anyone have any insight or prior experience on this? For my travel in January, am I going to be able to get any ADRs with ony four restaurants to choose from? Or am I worried about nothing? Are the other Epcot restaurants available for the dining plan but just aren't listed?

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    Apr 5, 2006
    Disney doesn't sign their non-owned restaurants until later on in the year. Disney redoes their brochure and re-releases it with the updated restaurants in late December/early January.

    It's an experience that repeats every year, and with the one exception of Fulton's a few years ago, everyone always signs on again.

    I would base my dining decisions on the 2009 brochure, and feel pretty comfortable about it.

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