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Discussion in 'Disney Weddings and Honeymoons' started by BaldMickey, Dec 22, 2001.

  1. BaldMickey

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    Dec 16, 2001
    Today my bride and I are celebrating out 18th Wedding Anniversary...(not sure how she put up with me, but hey I made her a DisneyFanatic)

    My mind has turned to what i want to do for our 20th anniversary for her. Being a male and prone to occasional lapses, i know if i don't start planning now, I will probably wait too late.
    So, for the woman who gave up a VERY PROMISING career at the company "that cares to send the very best" to stay home and raise our children, I want it to be something very special.

    I would like some input from DisneyFanatics who have done special things at WDW for anniversaries lke these. We were married in a small ceremony, and i would really love to hae a renewal of vows ceremony in front of a gathering of close family and friends. So here are a couple of questions:

    1) Does Disney allow these type of ceremonies in the Wedding Chapel, and if so, what is the ballpark cost?

    2) For anyone who has done a Disney Wedding, what is the best size of a crowd to have?

    Any ideas that fellow Disney Fans can contribute would be greatly appreciated. I would love to have the ceremony, spend 3 days at WDW, then do the Disney Cruise.(I need to start saving now.....)

  2. wdwpluto

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    Feb 16, 2000
    First of all, Congratulations to you both!

    Check out this link

    You can definitely do vow renewals. I think they work on the same package pricing as weddings.

    An Intimate wedding would be bride & groom plus 8 guests. Prices for that start at about $3500 and this includes theme park admission and a few (3?) nights lodging.

    A custom wedding allows for an unlimited (or nearly so) number of guests. You need to spend a minimum of $7500 for a weekday ceremony/reception or $10000 for a weekend ceremony/reception and this does not include hotel or theme park admission.

    Another good resource is www.yourfairytale.com

    As far as the best size ~ I'd say that's probably determined by your budget and who you want to invite. For us an intimate was too small for all the people we wanted to invite. So we're going with a small custom wedding (25 guests) on 11/7/02.

    If you have any more questions I'll try and answer them!

    Hope this helps!

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  4. Janet2k

    Janet2k DIS Veteran

    Jul 26, 2000
    You could also do something on the Disney Cruise Line. I just saw some wedding photos from someone who got married on Castaway Cay. I bet you could have a row renewal there, too.
  5. Lorana

    Lorana Mouseketeer

    Jan 30, 2001
    You're truly a Prince Charming, Mark! What a wonderful idea!!

    Having just gotten married myself at WDW, and at the Wedding Pavilion, I can indeed tell you that Disney offers wedding ceremonies there. And I know quite a few people who are renewing their vows, too!

    Disney offers an Intimate Wedding Package starting at $4055 for weddings/vow renewals at the Wedding Pavilion ($3305 for weddings at Sunset Point, Sunrise Terrace, Seabreeze Point, and the Yacht Club Gazebo). These prices include 4 nights accommodations, ultimate park hopper tickets, and all the wedding amenities (officiant, wedding coordinator, cake, champagne toast, musician for ceremony, bouquet, etc). If you do not need admission/accommodations, Disney does offer an "Add-On Wedding Package" which I believe starts around $2500.

    They also offer wedding/vow renewal packages for the Disney Cruise Line, which include a ceremony on Castaway Cay. The 7-Day Land & Sea (either 3 days at WDW & 4 days on the Cruise, or 4 days at WDW & 3 days on the Cruise) or 7-Night Cruise "Weddings at Sea" packages range from $4,736 - $6,136, depending on time of year. If you wanted a "Wedding at Sea" with just the 3-Day Cruise Package, prices range from $3,916 - $4,536, and the 4-Day Cruise ranges from $4,116 - $4,736.

    Disney also offers Land & Sea Cruise Line Intimate Packages where the ceremony is held at WDW. For 4-Day WDW stay with ceremony at the Wedding Pavilion, followed by the 3-Day Cruise, the cost is $4,773 - $6,173. For the other ceremony locations, the cost is $4,023 - $5,423.

    I also see that on Disney's Weddings site (http://www.disneyweddings.com), they now have specific packages for Vow Renewals. You could use these, or book the Intimate Wedding Packages mentioned above. There are a few slight differences with the Vow Renewal packages from the Intimate Wedding Packages.

    At our wedding, we had 37 guests, which was a perfect size for us!

    POOH&PIGLET I love my DW, DDs, & DVC!

    Feb 21, 2001

    Happily, I'm in a similar situation. I just celebrated 8 years of (mostly ;) ) wedded bliss. I want to plan a surprise 10-year anniversary vow renewal for January 2004. So far I've seen some good information from the links previously listed. It seems that if you can limit your number of guests to 8 or less, you can do something along the lines of the less expensive Intimate Wedding Package.

    Congratulations and good luck with the planning.
  7. Misti

    Misti DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 1999
    Congrats to both of you! It looks like you have some great ideas posted here. Enjoy your special trip! :)

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