2 years of planning since our last trip.

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    Aug 9, 2009
    I have finally reached the point in my planning that just about everything is done now. I am continually on the DIS boards looking for something new. I decided to start this thread as a way for me to occupy a little of my time that I would normally spend searching on an outlet for my excitement.

    We are leaving November 10, and returning November 17, which as it sits is just over 1 month away.

    Allow me to introduce our crew.

    My name is Levi. I am was originally opposed to WDW prior to our first trip 2 yrs ago. then I started planning, and became more and more obsessed. Now I am a fanatic.

    My wife Becci is a stay at home mommy of our two. She completely relinquishes command for me to plan the trip. She has discovered my OCD trip planning is worth it.

    DS 6 Elijah is a first grader this year. He is unfortunately stuck in a house full of girls right now. I am a paramedic, so when I am gone for 24-48hrs at a time, he is the man of the house.

    DD 4 Lillian is a princess through and through. She is greatly looking forward to eating with "Cindewehwah" this year.

    We will fly out of KC and get to MCO in the afternoon on the 10th, which is also our 8th wedding anniversary. We are planning on hitting either the MK or DHS the first afternoon and then we have supper with Cindy and her friends at 1900 PF. We have thought about ordering a cake for the first evening. Then, I found out that the dessert party has been extended. Maybe we will save our cake money for that instead?

    I will get my schedule and continue things later this evening, if anyone is interested......

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