2 rooms with an AP discount

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  1. Masonmj84

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    Jul 28, 2011
    and checking in at different times.

    We have an upcoming WDW vaction with my parents where we each have AP holder discounted room + dining packages (our reservations are linked together and were booked and paid off with my CC#).

    I, as the AP holder, am listed as the the lead guest in our family's room. My father, who is not an AP holder, is listed as the lead guest in my parents' room.

    We will be arriving in Orlando about 6 hours prior to my parents and plan to be at DHS doing the Fantasmic meal package when they arrive at the resort (Poly).

    Will they have a problem if I, as the AP holder, am not there when they try to check in?

    Short of being there when they try to check in, is there anything I can do to minimize them having problems?
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    well you can go before and explain to them - they may demand you are there - or they can just copy your AP and put it on the reservation. just depends upon the CM - so be extra nice!
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    You can book more than one room with a discount and have the reservations "linked". I would think that AP discounts would act the same as other discounts.

    I would make sure your reservations are linked and then use the advice by the PP.

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