2 Pirates and a Princess's Birthday Suprise

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    Sep 3, 2008
    I never got round to doing a pre-trippie so this first installment is also an intro!

    I'll also apologise now as I tend to ramble on a bit plus this is my first attempt at a TR.


    Me - 42 - aka Nain (welsh for Nan and pronouced nine!) 2nd trip to DLRP, went in 2006 for my 40th and been itching to go back ever since
    OH - 49 - aka Taid (welsh for grandad and pronouced tide!) 3rd trip to DLRP, went once in 90's before Studio opened and then once with me. Not fussed about going but transforms into a big kid once we arrive:rotfl2:
    DS - 27 - OH son, 1st trip to DLRP, quite happy to go as I was paying!
    DIL - 33 - 1st trip to DLRP, almost as excited as me!
    T1 and T2 - Thing 1 and Thing 2 aka DIL's twin boys, aged 10. 1st trip to DLRP
    GD - aka Little Un, 14 months, DS & DIL daughter so our Granddaughter.

    This trip was a suprise birthday present for the kids, I gave them all an invite on GD's birthday in November. Their faces were priceless.

    Friday 9th I am still packing the suitcases at 2am and frantically double checking all the paperwork.

    Saturday 10th me and OH leave North Wales and head to Shrewsbury, we have to collect one of the suitcases from the kids as they can't fit them all in the car. We then carry on down to Sutton Coldfield to my parents for the evening. We are leaving the dog with them. Both us and my parents have Boxers, ours 6yr white female and theirs 3 yr brindle dog, only prob is ours has never accepted theirs so we have to keep them seperated by kiddie gates, which is a pain in bum having to do a switch round all the time to take them out etc.

    Sunday 11th, kids and grandkids arrive at my parents ready to travel in convoy to Ashford. We set off and arrive at Premier Inn Ashford Central within 3hrs 15 mins. Check in, rooms are fine - clean etc. £56 a room not too bad plus £5 per night per car to park while we are away. Oh joy there is a MacDonalds over the road so we amble over for some tea. Book taxi with reception for 7.45, then back to room and early night.

    Monday 12th, I don't do mornings but we made the taxi on time, arrived at stn, checked in went thro' security etc. Found some seats and I went off to the Disney desk to get tickets and kids packs. Didn't realise I needed all the Disney emails as well so back off to dig them out of bag! Was given park tickets, BBWWS tickets, meal vouchers together with a letter for each room.

    Called for boarding, heave all our cases onto the train and get settled into seats. We were in standard class, we just had the airplane type seats. I decided to go by train so I could get up and walk around due to my back problem, to be honest in the seats I didn't have any more leg room than on a plane. Next time we will be going leisure select lol. Straight forward journey, kids behaved, little un got some sleep - I even managed to get her into her snowsuit without waking her up as we arrived!

    Heaved all the case off the train again and headed for Disney Express desk, dumped everything there and headed for the parks.

    Made our way to the main park first, I decided that we should head to Fantasyland first to see how Little Un reacted. We went thro' the turnstiles and once inside I got a couple of wow's off T1 & T2. It was certainly a lot quieter than last time we went in March - brilliant no bumping into people walking up Main Street. I noticed that all the 15th banners had gone tho'.

    Our first ride was IASW - this was walk on - Little Un loved it, her eyes were like saucers, she didn't know which way to look.

    Had an amble round FantasyLand just to take everything in and then headed for baby changing back at Main Street. All a bit peckish so decided to grab seats in Liberty Arcade and get some food at Caseys. Although we didn't have breakfast I must point out that my Mum had packed us 2 cold bags of snacks and butties for on the train - we could have feed the whole of our carriage :rotfl2:

    We then had wander up Main Street and decided to watch the parade on the corner under the dentists - I actually heard the voices and screams from here this time lol.

    Very cold while standing around. But we had picked a good spot as it was right where the floats stopped for the character dances, just before they exit. Little Un loved it, had loads of characters come up to her, one of the Princess' spent ages with her and was calling the other Princess's over, she then got stroppy and was stamping her feet as they all ignored her. A CM came up to T1 and pulled his hat down over his face - saying 'ha Man Utd they're rubbish' he got quite a bit of grief during the week for wearing this!!

    The Alice float was missing from the parade - but to be honest I find it a bit freaky, is it just me? Didn't notice the scents from the floats until the Princess one - that was very strong.

    Headed out to the SL to check in and collect bags. I insisted on getting the bus so that we arrived at the front of the hotel, checked in no probs and got bags. Our rooms were at the very end of the North Wing on the 1st floor. I'd requested adjoining rooms, which we got, we also had a lake view which I hadn't paid for, our room looked straight out at the balloon.

    We had a couple of hrs rest and headed out to Annettes for tea. We arrived just after 7 and were seated straight away, they were also just getting up to dance on the tables. Had timed this just right as a queue started to form just after we sat down and there was still people waiting when we left. Had a good meal here (have done a review on resturant thread). We ate of ordinary menu but I paid with HB+ vouchers, the meal only came to 99 Euros but I handed over 4 adult and 2 kid vouchers, so face value was 122Euros. I never thought until after we left that the 4 adult vouchers would have covered the cost and the waiter never mentioned it, but I only paid £88 for the vouchers and it would have cost £99 in cash so I didn't really lose out (if that makes sense). All had a giggle at OH who ordered an expresso and his face was a picture when this tiny cup of strong coffee arrived - he doesn't drink coffee very often and it's usually a milky one, lets just say the rest of the week he left me to order his cafe au laits and lattes:rotfl2:

    We then strolled back to the hotel. Before we went for tea I had snuck down to concierge and requested a small bottle of champagne for our room, 30 Euros for small bottle, as me and OH had been together 7 years today. This was in our room together with 2 glasses when we returned.

    Txt me Mum to make sure the dog was behaving and was told they were both loose in the house and asleep on the sofa together:goodvibes big shock!! Apparently my Dad had theirs on the lead but with his bad eyesight had clipped it thro the wrong loop and it came off, they were then both fine with each other! It's only taken 3 years lol, she even hid behind our legs when she first met him as a puppy!

    All had an early night ready for a busy day tomorrow.

    Sorry it's a bit long, no photo's for today as we didn't actually take many, but there will be some in the following days:thumbsup2

    The kids in IASW!

  2. cap'njack.

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    Jun 13, 2008
    Sounds like a lovely day.

    I love watching Kacee's face on Its a Small World
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  4. mommy2ash

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    Aug 7, 2008
    sounds like a great first day!!! ash was amazed by its a small world and now whenever she sees a pics she starts singing do do do do do do do to the tune lol
  5. joolz1910

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    Aug 24, 2008
    We were there at the same time. We should have arranged a DISmeet with Karen.;) Great first instalment.:thumbsup2
  6. scampbunny

    scampbunny <font color=darkorchid>The most fab of surprises!<

    Mar 5, 2008
    excellent start!!!
    didnt realise u cud leave cars at premier inn ashford - £5 a night isnt bad (did u have to pay for the night u stayed there too??). and how much was taxi to station?? sounds an interesting option as wud love to use eurostar to save driving lol
    tell me more!!
  7. J Marley

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    Jan 3, 2007
    What fantastic Grandparents you are :goodvibes

    Sounds like you had a great first day
  8. tennisfan

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    Jul 15, 2004
    Great 1st day:thumbsup2

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