2 Granddaughters and 4 Disney Days Nov 2-6

If you download the Play Disney app, you can get your fortune from Esmerelda the Fortune Teller in front of Candy Palace, and the Tall Tales of Fortune Red next to Port Royal Curios (near Pirates), for free. It even works if there is a sign saying "out of order."
We saw some people using their phones with Esmeralda! The person said they were MK holders so I wondered if only they could use phones. Good to know. Thank you for sharing. We used quarters for Esmeralda but that would be fun to use the app.
Nov 4 was hotel and pool day. Grandma really needed a rest and grandpa didn't mind either! We slept in and then had a late breakfast at Goofy's kitchen. Almost all the character handlers commented on our our school autograph book. Chip's handler was especially interested to see how Dale's signature has changed over the years. We have about 5 different versions of Dale's signature over the 30 year history in the book.

Nov 5th was DCA day. We were able to ride Webslingers and Guardians and have breakfast to go from Pyms and still get in line for Racers before 8 am! We did everything the girls wanted to do and somethings twice! Animation Academy was a big hit and we all got to take our drawings of Daisy Duck back to the hotel for safe keeping when we took naps. The day was exciting and full. We opted to watch the early showing of WOC and go to bed. Attached is the planned and actual agenda. We took time to sight see along Main Street, watch Philharmagic and try many different foods.


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Before we knew it, we were checking out on Nov 6th and getting ready to fly home. The girls had a wonderful time and played with their stuffed animals in the Admirals club while waiting, and then slept on the plane curled up with them. Their parents cried with joy when they saw the silhouettes. Now we are planning a trip with two grandsons (ages 11 and 7) this coming spring! EE is only every other day and Grad night will be happening when we go. I need to start the planning research all over again to account for the changes in EE and the grad crowds. Send us your tips and wishes for these grandparents to make it through another round!
Yes, we are returning with two grandsons in June. Hopefully we can dust off the plans from the last trip and with some minor tweaking be ready to go again!
I just read the first trip. Sounded wonderful. I like the parts of we did this and it was a chance to sit down, later we did this and it was a chance to sit down.
I'm glad you posted in the "wrong" place, because I just stumbled across your report and really enjoyed it. How old are the girls?
I agree! I love it when people post their trip reports here. I never remember to go look at that forum. I too have been guilty of posting my trip reports on this forum but I figure if it's in the wrong spot, it'll get moved, and meanwhile at least someone will see it :-)


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