2 bed lock off.

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by mrsminniemouse, Jul 17, 2004.

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    We have a 2 bed lock off booked at SSR for 2 weeks in September. I am so excited to stay at my home resort. It will be our first trip as DVC members and we cannot wait. Thanks everyone for the photos and trip reports. ( My 14 month daughter is just taking her first steps and I know she will love to play in the Donald fountain by the main pool!!!)

    We are taking a couple of our friends who will have the studio portion of the room. When I booked MS did not ask me my friends' names, just how many occupants there would be. Don't they need their names?

    Is it true our key will open their front door and vice versa? (Not a problem if it does, they are good friends)

    Will we get an info pack for each room?

    Will we only be able to record one phone message for the whole 2 bed villa?

    I guess I am confused as to how 'separate' the rooms are regarded when booked as a 2 bed lock off rather than 1 bed plus studio. I know that only one credit card can be put on room charge, which seems odd to me as they would take one for each room if they were occupied separately.

    Any explanations very welcome!


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    All keys for the villa will open both of the doors. Since it's reserved as a 2BR, one card will be on the reservation and all charges to those rooms will apply. You can easily break out the charges (each key has a unique number id) and pay however you wish.

    If you really want two separate rooms- with separate charges and security keys- then you'll need to reserve a Studio and a 1BR villa. It will cost more points, but will accomplish your goals.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the room as booked and will work out the little issues you mention.

    Have a great trip! :)

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