2 Adults, 1 Toddler...Dining Decisions

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by becka, Nov 8, 2003.

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    Aug 17, 1999
    DH and I sat down and finally discussed where we would like to eat for our next trip. It will just be DH, DS (20 months) and myself. We have to eat at a sit down place at least once a day or I start to think that I am about to turn into a hamburger and fries. Yuck! :rolleyes:

    Here is what we have picked. Any comments/suggestions?

    2/7 - 1900 Park Fare (Dinner)
    2/8 - AK Rainforest Cafe (Dinner)
    2/9 - Garden Grill (Dinner)
    2/10 - Liberty Tree Tavern (Dinner)
    2/11 - Teppanyaki (Dinner)
    2/12 - Artist Point (Breakfast)

    DS's lunch time behavior is never guaranteed just because he gets cranky before his nap so I figured counter service would work best for all of our lunches. He is a good breakfast eater but he likes to eat within 30 minutes of getting up on most days. I thought that might cause some problems so we only scheduled a breakfast for our last day before we head to the airport. Therefore all our sit down meals turned out to be dinners. We picked character meals for most of them because I think DS will enjoy them and since he is under 3 he will eat free at the buffets.
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    Apr 10, 2003

    I know what you mean about fast food. I've never been much of a fan of the stuff. These look like good choices. We all loved 1900 Park Fair 2yrs ago when it was Pooh and friends. DD was 2 1/2 at the time. We also did the ice cream social at the Garden Grill (same characters as dinner) on our trip in May and DD loved that as well. One question though, are you sure Artist Point serves breakfast? We stayed at WL in May and I didn't notice it open in the morning. have a great trip!!

    P.S. I hope Nathan is feeling better. My DD (now 4) had a lot of ear infections when she was around his age so I can really sympathize.
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    Those seem like great choices especially with a toddler in tow! Our DD has always enjoyed the character meals and it was an added bonus that she was free! I like the variety on most of the buffets also. There were always lots of fruits and veggies I could give her. We continue to frequent the buffets so DD (3yo) will eat more healthy things than just the counter service chicken and fries she always wants.
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    My daughter didn't like Rainforest Cafe when she was a toddler. The noise from the elephants and gorillas bothered her. She loves it now, as a six-year-old.

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