1st trip to disneyland

Discussion in 'Disneyland Trip Reports' started by ebeth, Jul 16, 2001.

  1. ebeth

    ebeth Earning My Ears

    Mar 12, 2001
    We just came back we stayed at the paradise pier. I was very happy we had a wonderful time! We did early entering which was great I think that was worth staying at one of the resorts just for that. We went on the 5th - 8th which was very busy because of the 4th of July but the one morning we got to Disneyland around 8am and we went on about 20 rides it was great!!!!:bounce: One morning we went to Goofy's Kitchen which we just loved it.:p The pool at pp was very small but we always went to the Disneyland Hotel pool which was wonderful. If I had to change anything I would have stayed at the Disneyland hotel which when I booked the hotel it was sold out. But I like the paradise pier a lot too. GC I think is more for older kids and adults and I have a 4 and 6 year old. But we loved the Electric parade. We had a wonderful time in Disney and San Diego. Sea World and the zoo were wonderful!!!! :D
  2. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Sounds like you all had a great Disney time. Thanks for posting!

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