1st DVC trip in 11 days....sooooo excited!


Earning My Ears
Jan 1, 2002
We signed on with DVC January 2000. Our home resort is BWV but that was full, so we're staying at OKW instead. I'm so excited! :p
This will be our 3rd trip in 6 years but our first trip as DVC members.

We had planned to come with another family so we booked a 2 bedroom, but they backed out. Staying in the 2 BR anyway. Our 2 daughters are 10 & 8 (the 2 year old is staying home with Grandma for 1 more year).

I found this site and have been lurking for about a week or so. We have 4 day park hopper tickets and will be there 1/17 - 1/23. Can't wait to see Illuminations again. Have been soaking up member suggestions for ideas on how to best spend our time. DH's birthday is 1/17.

Character breakfast at the Contemporary? Illuminations cruise? Behind the scenes tour? So much to do! So little time!

Hoping the weather fairs a better than it has though. Thanks for listening to my babble. I couldn't contain it anymore :pinkbounc

Uh-oh, once your girls experience a 2 bedroom unit, you're never going to get them to share a bed again.:)

For us, the best part about having a bed for each of the kids is never hearing "MOM!! She snored! MOM!! She hogged the blankets!! MOM....."

Our kids have always loved having that second bedroom for themselves.

Have a wonderful time!
And welcome to the DIS DVC board!

You're right...you'll find tons of tips and information here. Plenty of opinions as well, but that's all part of the fun. :)
Welcome to the DIS. you will be pleasantly amazed at what you will learn here!!!:D

Welcome Home and welcome to the DIS! We had our best WDW trip thanks to these forums and all the wealth of knowledge there was here!

We did a birthday Illumination cruise for DD's 7th birthday in June. We really enjoyed watching Illuminations and munching on birthday cake! DD loved it when people from the shore sang "Happy Birthday" to her!(don't know if you can get ressies for this so close, but it's worth trying....it is costly around $240 with tip)

You should have a wonderful trip and look forward to seeing you here on the DIS!!!!
hey.. Welcome to the DIS . We will also be a OKW 1/15 thru 1/25. Have a great time . Hopefully we will be by the turtle pond . cant wait...dave
Welcome Home and welcome to the DIS! We will be in a 2 bedroom at OKW 1/20-1/30 also. Next trip you will have to get smart about the annual pass scene. We usually buy a voucher for the AP before the prices go up at the end of the year. We start using them on one trip and plan the next trip for just under a year later, so we get two trips in on one AP. We saved a LOT by doing it that way. Last AP we used 29 days in just 12 months. Of course, then we took 13 months off and are just now getting ready to start our new AP. Maybe we will see you there!

What is this AP I keep reading about? How do we get one? How long do you need to stay to be worth it?
We get AP's because that is the cheapest way to go with buying tickets since our trips are over 12 days (gotta make the best of airline fares coming from the West!!!), so then we go again before the annual passes expire (one year from the first day you use it) to get two trips out of the tickets.

You can get AP's at any park entrance from guest services. You do get a discount with the Disney Club. Check out here for Ticket Price Comparisons
Originally posted by laurkeith
What is this AP I keep reading about? How do we get one? How long do you need to stay to be worth it?
AP is the annual pass. It comes in two flavors....standard and premium. The regular AP gives you unlimited access to the four main parks for a year. The premium AP adds in the Disney water parks, Disney Quest, Pleasure Island and Wide World of Sports Complex.
We bought the AP last Feb because we planed to be going to WDW both Feb and Oct. It spread out over 15 days and made it flexible and cheaper.

We also decided (sort of last minute) to take a quick trip this Feb. The air fare is so cheap, we still had points left and the AP is still active so it's cheaper to go away than to stay home!

Remember, the standard AP is only good in the 4 parks and only worth it if your going to use it more than 8 days (I think that's the break even point).

It all depends on what you want to do, if it's just the parks, it's great, or buy the premium. In Jan, I dont think you;ll be in the water parks much


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