16 Of Us Do 13 Days of Christmas Disney! 12-23-00 Day 9

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  1. nutz4dzny

    nutz4dzny Been there, done that, going back to WDW again!

    Oct 31, 1999
    Who's Who!
    Myself: DW who is a trip planer, tour guide etc!
    (This is my 25th trip!)
    DH: Who loves Disney and trip planning as much as I do!
    DS: 16 yr. old and vows to start his family (when he has one) on Disney yearly vacations! He's been going since he was 5!
    Relatives: My mother and father, their 6th trip with us! 70's and in great shape!
    Mays Landing, NJ
    Sister and Brother-in-law who retired and are Full-timers and are spending the winter in Florida anyway!
    Sister and her 6 yr. old daughter. Both went May 1999 with us and whose daugther is the original chicken girl! Pittsburgh, PA

    Brother and his 2 daughters, ages 10 and 12. Pittsburgh, PA

    Couple from our church and their 2 sons, ages 12 and 16. (Who were more thankful to us than my own family!) Egg Harbor Township, NJ

    Saturday Dec. 23rd

    The weather was cool this morning 40 degrees and very windy. We are doing the MK EE today. 4 of our group decided to go to AK and finish up what they needed to see.

    My neice wanted to drive the cars by herself so we first headed over to the Speedway and she and my mom got right on! The rest went on AE and BL. After she rode the cars she wanted to go again so we all went but there was a 10 min. wait by now. Just as we were about to load into the cars....you guessed it! The ride broke!

    Let me explain this. The CM's who looked VERY young running this ride needed to put more cars on the track. So they were going over to the side where they store the cars and standing on the edge of the car and pressing a button to make them go. As they were turning the bend to put them on the track, one CM misjudged and she wrecked right into the platform where we were standing and the car got wedged underneath the stand. The fiberglass body of the car shattered by the right bumper! Then to make matters worse, the other Cm who was driving a car standing up right behind her could not stop in time so she jammed her car underneath the first and almost tipped it over!!!!!!!

    During this time the cars were stopped on the track and they were backed up very far! So I said Geeezzzzz it is going to take forever to get this cleaned up so we walked through to the exit and went into FantasyLand. We went on all the rides and then headed over to the HM.

    After that we went to Pecos Bill for some Fries and Burgers and then the weather was warming up so some wanted to go back to the CSR and go to the pool and Hot Tub. So we took off our coats and sweatshirts and gave them to the one's going back to the rooms and then we headed over to the Riverboat. Now from reading these boards I learned that you could ask the Captain if your little one wants to see how the boat is steered!

    The captain said for us to meet him on deck. My neice was a little scared of going up the winding steps to where the Captain steered the boat but she went! WOW, he took his time and showed her how everything worked and how the whistle works and what Mark Twain means. He let her steer the boat all by herself! She really thought she was going to crash it! He took off his Captain's hat and took a picture of her with it on. Then at the end of the trip he reached into his trunk under the seat and pulled out a certificate and signed it making her an Offical Riverboat Captain! The certificate is REALLY nice and suitable for framing! We had a great ride!

    We then headed over to BTMR which happens to be my neice favorite ride now! We then caught the train to Toontown to go an GB and did that 2X withut much wait and then got some autographs and then took the train to Main Street to go find Donla selling his Christmas Trees. It seems this was the only autograph my neice was missing. There wasn't any line so he took his time with her!

    Next we left the MK around 1PM and took the monorail over ot EPCOT just for the ride so my neice could see what it was like and then we turned around and came back. Took the bus to the CSR and back to the rooms to swim and go to the Hot Tub.

    We were all a little hungry so some of us went to the Pepper Market and some of us to the Mayan Grill. Meanwhile I got a call asking us to be the host family for the Congo Line and the tree lighting ceremony in the Lobby of the CSR. We said sure and we agreed to meet by the Pepper Market at 5:30PM. Well it was a lot of fun. We all played instruments such as tamborines and morracos etc. and other people joined in and we went through the Pepper Market and around the Lobby and then my neice got to throw some amgic pixie dust into the sir and POOF the tree lit up! Then the head of the COngo Line CM got all the children to sit down while he told a Christmas story about a girl who lived in Mexico!

    After the story they presented me and my neice with a wrapped Christmas gift for being the Host family! What a surprise! My neice got a 2000 logo pictue album for her memories and I got a Globe Musical 2000 ball that plays Celebrate the Future HAnd in HAnd! It was very nice!

    Then after the story they had a Pinata with strings hanging out of it and all the kids got to pull the string and all the candy fell out! Well the kids had a ball finding all the candy. There were only about 10 kids there so it was nice.

    I got to talking with the CM in charge and he tells me he is 2 Bits in the Hoop-De-Doo! He was very friendly and we talked for a while. I told him when we come back in Oct. we have reservations for the show!

    We then decided to go back to the MK since it was open until 12AM and see the Mainstreet Electriacl Parade after the Fireworks! So we headed over to TomorrowLAnd and we got a FP for BL and then we on the TTA which is a favorite of mine and then we walked over to the Speedway which was PACKED and I asked to talk to a CM and told them we were the party that could not get on the ride this morning due to the accident so they led us right through to the front and got us 6 cars! There were 10 of us but some were sharing.

    I know you will not belive this but my sister, yes the one who breaks things....ran out of gas half way through! Only her, they had to push her back. We left and walked over to AL and walked on the Jungle Cruise and had a boat to ourselves with another couple from India and their children and my party carried on with the CM so much we were all roaring in the aisle of the boat. The CM couldn't even do his speil he was laughing with us so hard. You had to be there. The couple from India couldn't understand and I am sure they thought we were CRAZY!

    We were feeling Punch Drunk by now from all the laughter so we walked over to PoC and NO ONE was anywhere around, it was like we had a private park! As we were walking through the dungeons we were all singing very loudly 'YO HO, YO HO, A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME' They gave us our won boat and the couple from India were not there...they probaby ran away from us! What a blast we had just carrying on! Even the CM's were laughing and saying it looked like we were the happiest people there! Or the craziest!

    We then went to the Tikki Birds admist protests from part of the group but I was their leader tonight and I had my light up sword so everyone listened to me!!! LOLOL

    After the Tiki Birds we got a seat on teh curb and watched the Fireworks and then the MSEP. Back to the room by 11PM. The temperature today got up to 70 degress! But during the MSEp it started to cool down and we had our hats, gloves and jackets on!

    Another good day!

    Tomorrow we split up and I go on my quest to find Swandolphin!
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    snuggles <font color=blue>A good day with short lines...wha

    Aug 18, 1999
    How exciting to be the host family! I hope you took lots of pictures.! I wish that I could have been on PoC with you guys. It sure makes it more fun when theres a group having a great time in there.

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    Mar 28, 2000
    Great, what a truely FUN day. That's awesome. It is so funny about your sister "breaking" everything, sounds like something that would happen to me. That is just so funny. What a great fun day.

    peace and many blessings.

    "We follow truth and never your trends." - 'Outkast' by P.O.D.
  4. Kallison

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    Nov 15, 1999
    I always make everyone go into the Tiki Room too, amid much protesting! My parents took me to WDW the 2nd day it was opened and the three rides that really stuck in my mind were the treehouse, Haunted Mansion and the Tiki Room. So for old times sake, I drag my kids kicking and screaming into it!
  5. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Next time you put together a "tour" of the world I want to join in. Thanks for posting!

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