16 Of Us Do 13 Days of Christmas Disney! 12-21-00 Day 7

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by nutz4dzny, Jan 9, 2001.

  1. nutz4dzny

    nutz4dzny Been there, done that, going back to WDW again!

    Oct 31, 1999
    Who's Who!
    Myself: DW who is a trip planer, tour guide etc!
    (This is my 25th trip!)
    DH: Who loves Disney and trip planning as much as I do!
    DS: 16 yr. old and vows to start his family (when he has one) on Disney yearly vacations! He's been going since he was 5!
    Relatives: My mother and father, their 6th trip with us! 70's and in great shape!
    Mays Landing, NJ

    Sister and Brother-in-law who retired and are Full-timers and are spending the winter in Florida anyway!

    Sister and her 6 yr. old daughter. Both went May 1999 with us and whose daugther is the original chicken girl! Pittsburgh, PA

    Brother and his 2 daughters, ages 10 and 12. Pittsburgh, PA

    Couple from our church and their 2 sons, ages 12 and 16. (Who were more thankful to us than my own family!) Egg Harbor Township, NJ

    Today is Thursday 12-21-00 and the forecast says Sunny and a high of 70 degrees today! Yeahhhhhh!

    It did start out cool so we all wore hats and gloves and coats. Five of the guys wanted to go to Disney Quest today. I did forget to mention that every morning my DH and the friend from NJ went to La Vida Health Club to work out! That is dedication.

    Anyway, my Sister & B-in-Law picked up my Mom & Dad and took them to their MotorHome about a 10 min. trip from Disney and they were going to show them around and cook dinner for them.

    My brother got his 2 girls packed for the trip home. Scooby from Atlantis Limo picked them up and I have to mention this, we ALWAYS have used Atlantis and they are much more reasonable than Tiffany! I could not believe some of the prices people are paying! Just a tip to shop around!

    My brother was going to stay at the Airport with the girls to make sure they got off okay and then he called Atlantis and they came within 10 min. to pick him up and they did another grocery stop for him! That is service!

    Meanwhile me and my sister and her daughter and our friend from NJ decided to go to MK again! We had a ball and did all the rides in FL and then the HM and my neice wasn't afraid this time! We stopped by Pecos Bill Cafe for burgers and fries and then back to room by 2PM for swimming and Hot Tub. By this time it was getting warmer.

    We had PS for the Whispering Canyon Cafe' at the WL. My brother was also at the pool relaxing and the guys came back from DQ to get ready for dinner. My sister and B-in-Law were going to meet us at the WL and bring Mom & Dad.

    Dinner was good, we all got the barbacue. The service was good but their was no interaction with us. Now the plan was for my mom & dad to take my DN back to Coronado and go with her to the Arcade. While my Sister and B-In-Law went with them. Meanwhile the 3 boys would go with the other 6 adults, myself, DH, D Sister, D Brother, and the couple from NJ. We were going to drop the 3 boys back off at DQ and then head over for a night at Pleasure Island.

    We walked all around Pleasure Island and it was not crowed at all. We decided to do the Adventurers Club. This is our FAVORITE! We laughed so hard and Joe, our friend from NJ got picked to go on stage in the Library to participate in the Radio Broadcast segment. Well we never had so much fun!

    We got back to DQ by 11:30Pm to pick up the boys and made it back to the rooms by 12:15AM.

    Tomorrow we are sleeping in and doing some laundry! EPCOT and World Showcase is on the agenda! All-in-all it was another good day! :)
  2. snuggles

    snuggles <font color=blue>A good day with short lines...wha

    Aug 18, 1999
    I'm sorry you didnt get any interaction with your server at Wilderness Lodge. We had a great server and had a ball. One day I'm going to do Adventurers club. Sounds like ya'll had a ball there.

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  3. DCWarrior

    DCWarrior Mouseketeer

    Mar 28, 2000
    I am loving how you are working the days with the large group. Splitting up for the morning, letting everyone do what they want, getting back together for a break, re grouping, dinner together, then depending on the plans, watch a show, cruise together or break up and do something in smaller groups. Great idea, very workable, and with a little flexibility, everyone is happy.

    peace and many blessings.

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  4. Marla Hellwig

    Marla Hellwig I'm not lost, it's called creative exploring

    Mar 25, 2000
    Another fun filled day for all. Some day I will be able to make it to Pleasure Island - always been too tired to do it. Thanks for posting!
  5. Mamu

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    Feb 27, 2000
    Nutz4dsny, Sounds like another great day.

    How wonderful the adults got out to have some fun. :)

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