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    This is a food report for last summers 2006 trip. Sorry it's late, but I guess late is better than never.

    Cast -
    Me - 37
    DH -42
    DD- 14

    Well it's almost time for our 2007 two week trip to Disney, so I guess I should write up my 2006 food report. I have it all written, as I stayed up each night writing a trip report (I never finished that either). I was very bad at taking pictures in the beginning, but I think I got better towards the end. I promise to do better this year. I did take almost 4000 pictures this time (of actual good pictures. I deleted the blurry ones each night).

    We drove from Pennsyvlania to Disney and arrived around 6:30pm. We immediately went over to the shades of green to purchase our Annual Passes before they closed at 7pm. We then headed back to our hotel, checked in and started our two week fest of food!

    Friday July 28, 2006

    Pop Food Court
    We bought Pop resort mugs. Me and DD got Chicken fingers and french fries along with Ken's Honey Mustard. The chicken fingers were some of the best I had had in a long time and after a long road trip it tasted so good along with the fries and soda. DS got the Shrimp Low Mein and he said it was excellent, but it was so large he only at 1/4 of it. DH had originally wanted an italian hoagie and the kids had to run back to the room to find out what else he wanted since they didn't have an italian hoagie. He ended up with a meatball hoagie that he said was good.

    Saturday July 29, 2006

    Plaza Restaurant - Lunch
    I had the Vegetarian sandwich. It was so good. The sweet potato chips were excellent too! I wasn't sure if I should try it, but I am so glad I did. It was FABULOUS!! DH had the Rueben with German potato salad. He said it was wonderful. DS had the grilled cheese and potato chips. He didn't eat a ton as usual. DD had the 2 mini hamburgers and French fries. She also only ate 1 of them and maybe a bite of the second one. She said they were very good. My verdict on the veggie sandwich with sweet potato chips…………It was FABULOUS! The sweet potato chips were wonderful too! She brought refills of our Root Beer in to-go cups when she brought the check. She applied the DDE discount. The meal before tip was only $29.00. That's cheaper than our fast food meal at the Pop Century last night.

    Chef Mickey's - Dinner
    Last year the food was just ok here . Not bad, but nothing spectacular. This year the food was great. The special of the day was ribs and they were great. They had a chicken pasta dish that was great too! We had shrimp which is something we always eat there. DH and I got the rare Roast Beef, but it was pretty fatty and tasteless. We decided not to finish it and go back for ribs. DS had Mac and cheese and shrimp. He didn't eat a whole lot. DD got adventuresome this year. Besides her usual chicken fingers, she tried the pork (which was too dry for her), the garlic parmesan cheese mashed potatoes (she LOVED these and got seconds), stuffing which has become a recent favorite of hers. This meal turned out to be wonderful. I really wasn't super excited about this meal, except that it's a FUN restaurant. The character interaction was fabulous. They were funny, personable and really spent time with everyone. I was really impressed with Chef Mickey's this time. I like the fact that the desserts here have gotten smaller over the years. It allowed us to sample several. I do miss the slices of key lime pie. Now it's just a little tart. I decided it wasn't worth my time to get one of the tarts because the key lime part didn't look to great. They had these really cute chocolate mouse on Oreo cookies that looked like Mickey Mouse.


    Sunday July 30, 2006

    Pizzafari -Lunch
    We headed to Pizzafari for lunch. It's our favorite, although we wouldn't know about the other fast food restaurants at Animal Kingdom because we have only ever eaten at Pizzafari. We love the Hot Italian Deli sandwich. DH, DD and I got the Hot Italian Deli sandwich with side salads. DS got the peanut butter sandwich kids meal. I got water, and DH & DD got coke. Lunch was great. Everyone loved it.

    Sorry picture of Hot Italian Deli Sandwich is almost devoured.

    Boma -Dinner
    We checked in at 7:11pm and we were seated at 7:33pm. Dinner was GREAT as usual. This is my favorite restaurant. DH always say's it's just OK. Luckily I get my way and we eat here twice every year. Technically this was my Birthday dinner. My birthday was on July 14th. I loved every last bite. DD mostly ate off the kids portion of the buffet. I sure wish she would branch out and try some new things. I finally got to try the carrot ginger soup. I ended up eating 2 bowls of it. It was so good. I had Bobooti (one of my favorites), Tofu and green beans in a curry sauce, Fru Fru (another one of my favorites) and roast beef with the Boma mustard (again one of my favorites). For dessert I had Zebra Domes (my favorite desert here), coconut tiramisu and apple cobbler. I would have liked one more glass of Ice tea, but I was glad to have at least gotten one refill. Sometimes at the buffet's you get overlooked. Good service, but not quite as good as last night at Chef Mickey's.

    Monday July 31, 2006

    LeCeliler Lunch -
    We arrived a few minutes after our actual time. The lobby had a few people already waiting, but we were seated within a minute or two. We had an excellent waitress who was very informative and attentive. DH and the kids ordered cokes and I ordered a Cappuccino Freeze and water. DH and I ordered an adult cheese soup and the kids both ordered the cheese soup off the kids menu. Both the kids ordered the kids cheeseburger with fries. DH and I both ordered the French Dip sandwich with fries. She laughed at us because we were such an easy order. Basically the kids ordered exactly the same thing and DH and I ordered the exact same thing except I had the specialty drink. She kept the drinks filled and brought us more pretzel bread after overhearing DS talking about how much he loved the pretzel bread and asking us to save the last piece for him. I have always thought the pretzel bread was the best, this time everyone agreed with me. Everyone had a great meal. The French dip sandwich was very tasty. It reminded me of a Philly Cheese steak though. I'm not sure if I would order it again. I guess since we are from the Philadelphia area, I've had much better cheese steaks. I still think someday I may just have the soup and pretzel bread with an appetizer and my Cappuccino Freeze. I was pretty full after eating the breads and the soup that I could have stopped there!

    Rose & Crown Dinner
    It was raining and we were across the street where Pooh is in the toy store. I ran over to check us in and they took us right away, so I went back and brought everyone back with me. We sat right at the area near the bar. This restaurant tends to be overcrowded during rain storms and tonight was no exception. Making it to the restrooms on the other side of the bar is difficult during the rain because people hang out in the bar to get out of the rain. It's also hard to get to the bathroom without touching someone who is wearing their rain poncho indoors. You end up getting wet – YUCK! Luckily it wasn't as bad as it was last year. I managed to not have to touch any wet ponchos. Our server was Rebecca. DH and the kids ordered cokes and I ordered a tea. DD ordered the kids potato and leek soup. DH and I ordered the Lamb and Barley Soup. DD ordered the Fish and Chips. DS ordered the Macaroni and Cheese. DH ordered the Guinness Stew and I ordered the Bangers and Mash. Last year we ate at the Rose and Crown for the first time. We absolutely loved it and ended up cancelling another reservation and eating here twice. This year we have Rose & Crown booked twice as well. The food was excellent tonight. The only complaint I had was that my Bangers and Mash had so little cabbage on it that it altered the taste of the entrée. Last year there was a lot of cabbage on it both nights I ordered it. The cabbage really makes the entrée and I think it wasn’t enough to eat some in every bite. I asked for extra cabbage and she brought it out right away. Our server was great.

    Tuesday August 1, 2006

    Sci Fi - Lunch
    We were the first called back for our lunch ADR's. We got a cute blue green car with a license plate from New Mexico. DH and I both ordered the steak sandwich with onion rings. The kids both ordered cheeseburgers. The kids and I had root beer and DH had a coke. The food and atmosphere were wonderful as usual. I love the Flat iron steak sandwich. I'm sad they took it off the menu.

    Prime Time - Dinner
    We made sure we were on the side of the street that the Prime Time Café was on so we could head to our 5:40pm ADR immediately after the parade. The parade wasn't over until 6:00pm and we were lucky that Prime Time was empty. I have a feeling it was because most people were still watching the parade. We got right in. Dinner was very good. DH, DD and I split two chicken meals and each had two pieces of chicken. They gave each plate the exact same amount of mashed potatoes and collard greens. The waitress told DS that he could also get the fried chicken, pot roast and one other thing in a child portion. He chose the fried chicken and it ended up only being 6:49 for the kids fried chicken. It came with two pieces of chicken (leg and thigh). The fried chicken was great. The potatoes were great. DH & DD thought the gravy tasted strange. I didn't notice anything. The kids weren't fond of the collard greens. DH and I loved them. Our waitress was great. She would sit down with us to talk. They definitely don't do the same antics they used to do back in the mid 90's.

    Wednesday August 2, 2006

    Tony's Town Square
    We had an 11:30am ADR at Tony's Town Square. We see Snow White in the shop inside the lobby. We get pictures and autograph. DH had the Italian Pannini sandwich and a coke. I had a chicken pannini with root beer. DD had a kids ravioli with a root beer and DS had a kids pepperoni pizza with a root beer. He also had a kids fruit cup appetizer and we all split the calamari. This was an excellent meal. I was a bit worried because of all the bad reviews on the DISboards, but it was great.

    Ohana - Dinner
    We had a 6:30pm ADR for Ohana. It was about 6:00pm when we headed over. I was amazed that it took us about 40 minutes to get over there. We checked in about 10 minutes late. They called us about 5-10 minutes after we checked in. I expected a much longer wait as we have always waited for this restaurant. Our waiters were good, except we had to ask for drinks. They were great for bringing food. We had to ask for a second round of steak, one piece of sausage and potatoes. They ended up bringing around meat shortly after this. We constantly had to ask for drinks. They didn't seem to pay attention to this on their own. It also took a long time to bring the dessert. It took us a full 2 hours to eat here. The food was great and we all enjoyed ourselves. DS had a ball and wanted to play and do everything here. He did the hula dance, coconut race and two other things. He ended up with a ton of lei's. I even got up once and did the hula dance. Because he played so much, it took him forever to eat. Despite having to constantly ask for more drinks everything was wonderful here. I was again afraid because of the bad reviews on the DISboards with the new menu, but it exceded our expectations. We didn't get to eat here last year because we went to see the Space Shuttle launch and the beach on the day of our ADR. This was our first time since the new menu was introduced.

    Thursday August 3, 2006

    Prime Time Cafe - Lunch
    We had 11:00am ADR's at Prime Time Café. DH ordered fried chicken with coke. I ordered a kids fried chicken with iced tea. I was still full from dinner at Ohana last night. So much so that I didn't feel that good this morning. DD ordered the kids chicken with a coke. DS ordered the kids macaroni and cheese with an iced tea. I don't think we enjoyed it here as much as last time because we had such a big dinner the night before.

    Pop Century Food Court - Dinner
    DH and I went to the food court to get 2 orders of Chicken strips for DD and I. Kids vegetable lo-mein for DS and Penne Chicken for him. DH, DD and I split a Caesar salad. Again this was a pretty decent dinner. The Caesar salad was really good.

    Friday August 4, 2006
    We got up super early for a hot air balloon trip this morning. We had a breakfast buffet at the hotel we departed from after the trip around 9:30am. Not bad, but you know.......breakfast and a buffet?

    We came back to the hotel and crashed before heading to Cocoa Beach.

    Pop Century Food Court - Dinner
    We had originally planned on eating dinner at a pizza place that was recommended on the DISboards, but we were tired and wanted to get some laundry done. We decided to just eat at the food court at the Pop Century again. DD and I split a regular Caesar salad and we each got a chicken strip meal. DD got a cheeseburger meal. DS got a vegetable low-mein kids meal. The food was once again good. We were definitely hungry. We were in bed by 10pm, we were so tired.

    Saturday August 5, 2006

    Liberty Tree Tavern - Lunch
    We had an 11:30am ADR time for Liberty Tree Tavern. DH went to get FP's for Splash Mountain while the kids and I went and checked in for lunch. I got the Fresh from the Harbor (I always order this at least once on each trip), DH ordered the Turkey dinner, DD ordered the kids Turkey meal and DS ordered Mac & Cheese. They got rid of the honey butter and sweet tea they used to serve. This was really disappointing. They even changed the rolls. The rolls were tasty, but we did miss the honey butter. I ordered root beer and Dh and the kids ordered Coke. We all would have ordered sweet tea if they would have sill had it. Lunch was very good.

    Whispering Canyon Cafe - Dinner
    We had 6:30 ADR's at Whispering Canyon Café. We took the boat launch to Wilderness Lodge. We just missed a boat by seconds so we waited for the second boat to arrive. We only had to wait about 10 minutes for the beeper to go off.
    Dinner was absolutely wonderful. My favorites were the sausage, pulled pork and ribs. I also really liked the cole slaw. We had Medicine man as our waiter. They don't do the hats or headgear like they used to and they didn't seem to do as many of the antics like the big spoons, big cups when you ask for a refill or the little tiny cups if you say I'd like a little more to drink. They did do the ketchup, games, clanking of the tray holders, throwing straws and napkins. It's still fun and the food is great, but sometimes it's sad when thing change.

    Sunday August 6, 2006

    Pizzafari - Lunch
    The kids and I headed over to Pizzafari to grab a seat for lunch. DS decided this time he wanted the Hot Italian sandwich so we ordered 4 Hot Italian Sandwiches, 3 side Caesar Salads and 4 large cokes. Lunch was fabulous and the coke went down especially well today. The only thing that could have made the lunch better was if the sandwiches were slightly less toasted. They were a little crunchy, but still super tasty.

    Boma - Dinner
    We only had to wait about 10 minutes for our ADR at Boma. Dinner was fabulous as usual. We were back in the room by 8:20pm.

    Monday August 7, 2006

    Teppanyaki - Lunch
    We checked in and were seated within 5 minutes. Lunch was absolutely fabulous. We ordered a Spicy tuna roll as an appetizer. DH and the kids had coke and I had green iced tea. The kids ordered the kids shrimp lunch and DH and I ordered the Seto (Shrimp and Scallops) lunch. We looked out the window once during lunch and it was pouring rain. It didn't seem to last long at all. The next time we looked out it was done.

    Biergarten - Dinner
    We had 6:30pm ADR at Biergarten in Germany. Dinner was Fabulous as usual. The chicken Shnitzel and pork are my favorites!!! Such a fun festive place and we love it here!

    Tuesday August 8, 2006

    Today was a beach day and we headed to Cocoa Beach again and had lunch at Taco Bell across the street from the Beach.

    House of Blues - Dinner
    We arrived back at the Pop Century at 5:23pm. Our ADR for House of Blues at Down Town Disney was at 6:00pm. We quickly took showers and got dressed and made it to the restaurant by 6:11pm. DS got a kids cheese pizza with iced tea. DD got a kids chicken tenders with coke. She almost ordered the Calamari appetizer, but the waiter told her it was spicy and she was afraid it would be too spicy for her. DH and I each had a turkey seafood gumbo soup. He ordered the Elwood chicken sandwich and I had the shrimp po-boy and substituted sweet potato fries. My sandwich had so much bread. It was super messy and it only took one bite before my bread broke in half. I decided to just eat the bottom piece of bread with the lettuce and spicy tarter sauce. I used a fork and knife to cut it up into smaller pieces and ate it that way. The coleslaw was really good and I loved the fries. The sandwich was good too. DH really liked his meal. The kids liked their meals. DS's pizza was huge and he couldn't finish it all. What's new! DD liked her meal too. We decided HOB's was a winner.

    Wednesday August 9, 2006

    Main Street Bakery - Breakfast
    DH and DD slept in this day, so DS and I went to MK and had breakfast at the Main Street Bakery.
    We each got a cinnamon roll and Ryan got chocolate milk and I had a frozen coffee. The frozen coffee was not as good as the cappuccino smoothies, but the cinnamon rolls were probably the best I have ever had. We sat at one of the yellow outdoor tables in front of the Plaza Restaurant. We sat far enough down that we had a half way decent view of Cinderella's Castle and the ducks. It was nice and cool in this spot. I was afraid it would already be hot and I'm glad I didn't decide to just eat inside the Main Street Bakery At that moment, while we were sitting looking at the castle and enjoying our breakfast, I decided that I wanted to live in the Magic Kingdom and wake up every morning to have breakfast like this. Yep, I want to do this forever. It was an absolutely perfect morning.

    Liberty Tree Tavern - Lunch
    We met DH & DD at Liberty Tree Tavern at 11:30am for lunch. DH got the pot roast and said it was very dry. He got coke to drink. I got the Sandwich heard around the world. It was ok, but it tasted like it had been sitting for a bit. It was luke warm and the bread on the inside from the cranberry sauce was soggy. The kids both got the kids turkey dinner. They also split a clam chowder. We did not enjoy lunch today at all. Very mediocre.

    Plaza Restaurant - Dinner
    Our ADR's were for the Plaza Restaurant at 6:30pm. We checked in and only had about a 6 minute wait. DH ordered a hamburger with bacon and a rootbeer. I ordered a hamburger with no lettuce, tomato or onions. I added cheddar cheese, cooked onions, bacon and mushrooms. I subbed sweet potato chips for the fries. They are so yummy. I also had root beer. The kids both ordered a kids grilled cheese with fries. DS had iced tea and DD had coke. The meal was fabulous as usual. I couldn't decide between the vegetarian sandwich I had on our first Saturday here or the hamburger. Both would have been delicious.

    Thursday August 10, 2006

    Sci Fi Dine-In Theatre - Lunch
    We had an 11:00am ADR for the Sci Fi Dine-In. DH went to get FP's for Rock & Roll Roller Coaster and the kids and I headed to sign in for lunch. DD took DS to get a picture with Sully from Monster's Inc., while I checked us in. We shopped in the Book Stop till it was almost 11:00am. We were the 3rd party called back. I had the Flat Iron Steak Sandwich with Root Beer. DH had a hamburger with cheese and a coke. DS had a grilled cheese with Root Beer. DD had the barbeque chicken sandwich with Gouda and onion straws and Root Beer. I gave her some of my onion rings. The food was great and everyone enjoyed what they ordered.

    Mama Melrose - Dinner
    We had a 6:30pm ADR. We split the Calamari which was very good. DS got a kids pepperoni pizza and an iced tea. DH & DD split the chicken flat bread pizza and had cokes. I had an iced tea and the eggplant Napoleon. Everyone loved the pizza. The eggplant was good, but it was sort of tasteless. I don't think I'd ever order it again.

    Friday August 11, 2006

    San Angel Inn- Lunch
    It was getting close to our 11:30am ADR at San Angel Inn so we took a leisurely walk over and I checked in about 11:20am. We got a table right on the water. DD had soup and the kids quesadilla and coke. DS had the kids chicken strips and iced tea. DH and I had the Plato Mexicano, soup and Iced Tea. The soup was wonderful. The chips were warm and the salsa was spicy like we like it. I really wish they made homemade chips and salsa. It would be way better, but it was still good. Our meal was ok. The best thing was the chicken enchilada. I would prefer just to have two enchilada's and the refried beans. The iced tea was really strong. Ryan ended up switching to a coke. I just added water and ice. Our waitress was really nice. She brought us water before we ordered drinks and even refilled them.

    Biergarten - Dinner
    There was a really long line tonight. I get in line at exactly 6:35pm. We were called back about 5 minutes after we got the buzzer. We sat with a nice family with two boys from Wisconsin. Dinner was just as great the second time around.

    Saturday August 12, 2006

    Main Street Bakery -Breakfast
    DH and DD stay back at the hotel this morning. Both were tired and DH wanted to pack. DS and I got up and went to MK to take advantage of our last morning and full day. We went to Main street bakery and got cinnamon rolls again - They are so good. We split a water this time. We also sat at the tables next to the Plaza again. I can't tell you how nice it is sitting in MK enjoying a cinnamon roll.

    The Plaza Restaurant - Lunch
    We were supposed to go to Tony's Town Square, but since DH was still at the hotel we decided to go to the Plaza again. DD took a bus and met us at the restaurant. I had the Vegetarian Sandwich. I couldn't leave without having this sandwich again. It was so good. Unfortunately I didn't write down what the kids had, but I know they had french fries because the waiter made them honey mustard since the restaurant did not have any. We had excellent service and the food was excellent as usual.

    1900 Park Fare - Dinner
    We have not eaten here since the late 90's. We had a few bad meals here and had sworn it off. While preparing for this trip, I had read lots of good reviews on the DISboards and we decided to give it another try. We are so glad we did. The food was fabulous. The pasta was great and the strawberry soup was excellent. Everyone loved it and we really wanted to try it this year, but it's closed.

    I'll update with photo's later.
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    Thanks for the reviews, can't wait for the pics!!
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    Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!
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    Great reviews, looking forward to seeing the pictures :)
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    Great reviews thank you!:thumbsup2 We had breakfast from MK Main St Bakery on our last day and wished we had found it before. I loved sitting people watching with my french toast and syrup!!!

    I look forward to seeing your 4000 pictures too!!:laughing:
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    Great reviews can't wait for the photos too :goodvibes
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    Thanks for the great review! I am adding a few places to our reservations beacuse your review was so great!

    You arrive the day we leave :( We are also staying at POP!
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    Thanks for the reviews, we may have to consider the Plaza Restaurant next time. I am looking forward to seeing the photos. :surfweb:
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    I would love to know how much all this cost you, if you dont mind me asking
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    I'm happy about the good reviews for the Plaza Restie. We're heading there in August, and I'm looking forward to that Reuben!! :woohoo: That' why I'm trying to drop 20 pounds :banana: (14 more to go). Bring on the piccies :yay: :yay:
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    Thanks for the reviews, I really enjoyed them.

    I agree with you about the cinnamon rolls at the Main Street Bakery, they are delicious. We also take our tray to the tables outside The Plaza. Nice way to start the morning.
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