16 day - Onsite food budget ? NEED YOUR HELP

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by Welsh_couple, May 26, 2008.

  1. Welsh_couple

    Welsh_couple Earning My Ears

    May 24, 2008
    Hi Guys!

    We have booked disney for 16 days form the 20th of june!

    As we are staying on site in the Dolphin, and will not have a car it looks like we will be having most of our food onsite!

    We are a couple and eat as an average couple... breakfast, have a pick at lunch than have a meal in the evening!

    any advice on how much this will cost would be great, possible the most we are likely to spend and what is the lowest we could spend... if we just to counter food etc!

    also are there many options for vegetarians, Also there are no ADR's booked at the moment... as we only booked the holiday last week, im not sure if we want to book any as we want to be flexible and not tied down.. we are planning on do the trip one day at a time so wont really have a plan in place of where we are going and what day! are there chances where you can turn up at places and get food.... dont mind 30 mins wait!
  2. Rootskate

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    Sep 9, 2004
    Have you checked the "Dining" link towards the top of this page? They list all of the menus at the restaurants, including the prices. You can also check out www.allears.net for menus. That way you could get a pretty good idea of what you would be spending based on where you want to eat and what your likely to order. Hope that helps. :)
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  4. luv2nascar

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    May 17, 2000
    We were there that week in 2005 and diners were turned away at every tableservice we ate at that didn't have an ADR. You may eat alot less than you think you will due to the heat.
  5. hsmamato2

    hsmamato2 <font color=magenta>Tink in Training-Good Girl,Bad

    Mar 28, 2005
    this could be rather costly- will you have a small fridge,coffeemaker,etc? order from gardengrocer.com and eat breakfast in your room-cereal and milk,etc- get some snacks to carry with you-
    go to allears.net and make LUNCH ADRs at your fave places NOW- it's cheaper at lunch for the same food.....
    eat dinner at whatever counter service places look good- Epcot has many great cs dinner options- try sharing some counter service meals if it suits you to save $$$- they're pretty big- it will be expensive,but fun! We stayed 2 weeks onsite last year-no car,and scrambled to find decent priced meals;)
    Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney is great for a cheap yet tasty dinner- as is the Raglan Road quick service location there-
  6. Vickie46

    Vickie46 DIS Veteran

    Sep 26, 2000
    We bring a toaster in our luggage and have Panera Bread Bagels each morning.. you can buy the cream cheese on the first day you arrive and just place in the refrig.. its the BEST breakfast and best yet.. its in your room! I hate fighting with a food court first thing! I can eat while I am getting ready! Its awesome and cheap!
  7. dancin Disney style

    dancin Disney style <font color=blue>I found one to share with some fa

    Apr 18, 2005
    I agree that the best thing to do is have a fridge in the room to cover at least breakfast. If that is possible for you then your breakfast costs would be the same as it is at home. This works very well for people who usually only eat cereal or a bagel type breakfasts. Having a fridge also allows you to have sandwich fixings, drinks and snacks on hand.

    If you want to eat out for all your meals I would suggest a daily cost for 2 of about $50 - $60. This would only cover CS meals (breakfast, dinner and a midday snack) any TS or alcohol would up this by approx. $30 - $50. If you don't want to do the fridge thing the DDP might be a better value.
  8. maggiew

    maggiew DIS Veteran

    Feb 19, 2003
    You might want to also order in some pizza or chinese or sandwiches a few nights. Many places will deliver food to the hotels.

  9. me and my boys

    me and my boys Earning My Ears

    May 26, 2008
    Check out allears.net. It is a good resource and I just read an article on Vegetarian options in WDW in an old newletter. Check the archives. I believe that it was the beginning of April or very end of March.

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