12/22-12/6 trip (More good than Bad)


Did I miss a meal?
Jul 29, 2001
Happy New Year Everyone!!

Well this report may be a bit out of order or so but here goes.

This was our first time to WDW during this time of year, but we just had to do it.

My big dissappointment was how dirty the parks and restrooms were, and the rudeness of others, but some things will never change. We got to do everything from A-Z and enjoyed it all. DD loved her breakfast day at the castle, and DS loved his day at the Quest!! We went to Animal Kingdom Xmas day , just knew MK would be packed, it was cold , but not to packed in AK. Spent NYE in MGM, it was great, My children enjoyed the soap flakes, and the lights. I think i most enjoyed watching them and their reaction to everything, they have been before but were younger. so this was perfect age DS 10-DD 5.
Only had a problem with one cast member and with 2 meals. not bad. We did notice many small vending carts not open at all during the days in the parks. and a few times there were rides that did not have the fast pass mach. open.
The crowds before xmas were not to bad , but after the 25th they grew and grew. We made the best of it. Well i welcome any question. thanks for reading.

Sorry everyone thats 12/22-01/06/02 trip!! see what happens when you don't write the date for a while
I am sorry you had to find a few bad apples in the bushel......but that happens I guess no matter where you go......I would love to go at this time of the year........may be some day......thanks again


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