1100 Comfort station glee club


Dec 10, 2004
Before we left for our drive down to FW from NH I purchased 3 classic Disney song CD's Each one has 20 songs which we played many times on our ride down.

I am one of those people who will sing in the shower in the morning when I know the rest of the family is awake. My DS7 and I went to the 1100 comfort station one morning for our shower. He had asked me if I was going to sing and I told him sure. Well we each had a shower stall and I started singing "Small World" well someone came in to another stall and joined in. Now we were singing "King of the swingers" song when another guy joined in. There was another guy waiting for the shower and he joined us. So now there were 4 grown men trying to sing and remember the words to some Disney songs all the time my son became embarrased to be in there. He went back to my DW telling her "Dad had the whole place singing. I don't want to go up to the showers again!"

As an added note the sound in the shower room is great.
Isn't it amazing how well we all sound in the shower, or the car on the way to work! :cool1:
Sounds like fun!!! My DH loves Disney songs as well and would have gladly joined in !! :teeth:
AHH, our poor kids! The things we do to them! ;)

LOL, Sapdaddy! :rotfl2: What a great story! That's the way to get into the Disney spirit.

BTW, how did you like Loop 1100? I am thinking of requesting it when we arrive in 2 weeks. Do you have any specific site recommendations?

Ahhh... this is so funny!! Only at WDW!

I love FW :goodvibes
:rotfl2: Making memories, making memories, that's what you were doing! :rotfl2:


We really liked the 1100 loop. We selected it because it was walking distance to the meadows pool, sing along and movie. The bus stop for the orange route is right across the street from the loop entrance.

As far as the sites are concerned I had site 1104 which made it an easier walk out of the loop. I would say no mater what loop you or site you are in I couldn't see a bad site in the whole campgroung.
:rotfl2: :rotfl2: :rotfl2: This is one of THE best posts I've read here! Great story...I can picture the embarrassment of your DS - that would be mine, too!!
Thanks, Sapdaddy! Loop 1100 sounds good to me! I like to be close to the pool for my DD11, but want a loop that's quiet at night. We bring our bikes to ride so getting around isn't a problem.

We leave next Friday!! The packing panic is on!


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