11 Night Northern Fjords cruise from Dover July 2019 #3 Embarkation and Day at Sea

Texas Twin Sis

Earning My Ears
Aug 6, 2018
Embarkation Day and Day at Sea—July 21, 2019 Dover England

Woke up bright and early the next day ready to get on the ship. From the breakfast room at the Best Western Marina we saw the Magic at dock at the West Terminal. Not the East side of the harbor where the ferries and other cruise ships go out.
It was a warm and windy morning that turned colder and higher winds in the afternoon. I was glad we ordered a taxi the night before. There were several people who stayed overnight in the hotel bound for the Disney Magic.

Since we were up early, ate and were ready to go we got an earlier taxi and were on our way to the dock by 9am. As I said in the previous report do not try walking to the dock. It is way too far and many times there is no sidewalk. They were still disembarking when we arrived approx. 10 minutes later. If you plan to get off here whether it is your final stop or you are doing a back to back you must understand that taxis can not pick up passengers where we were dropped off. They must wait outside of a gate approx 150 feet from the debarkation point for the ship, Only buses were allowed inside the gate for pickup.

Upon arrival in the taxi a Disney local host arranged for our bags to be carted up and taken to security and the ship by a porter. We were then allowed to wait inside the terminal,(very small with only two sets of wall benches) till the approx 10:30am embarkation time. There were several back to back passengers getting off and later on the ship. Once those back to backers who did not have an excursion in Dover were gathered up, they were readmitted to the ship through passenger security. Then they opened the doors for new passengers. We went upstairs to the check-in center where we passed through security before proceeding to the check in stations.

The room was large with security at the front end and roped lanes zig zagging to the check in desks set up much like the other check in stations at Disney ports. Being a gold member with 7 cruises I thought we had check in all figured out, but it was different here in Dover. We gave them our check in documents and passports and after pictures they made xerox copies of our passports and stapled the copies together for our group and only gave us those back, no passports. They said they had to hold them and we would get them back before disembarking in Iceland. This was a surprise. On further inquiry we found out that it is an immigration issue with Iceland where Disney Key to World card photo had to match picture of person in passport. Later on the evening of the first day at sea we were able to retrieve our passports, but had to sign and date a statement that we got them back on a receipt.

Went to the sit down lunch at Lu miner's and then to deck 6 for the rope drop to the room. As I said in report #1 we scored an upgrade to a hidden porthole room with a split bath. Much more room for 3 adults. The limited view from the large porthole was a crew basket to wash windows that was stored above the porthole and hung down into the opening approx 18”. While seated on the couch and looking out there was no obstruction of view. During the coarse of the cruise we only saw a crewman's feet in the basket once. While in port the basket moves down the side of the ship cleaning windows so no obstruction, only while at sea. Hidden porthole means you get a window for the inside split bath room price. We had no problem with it during trip except one night while cruising down the coast of Norway there was a 64 knot wind whaling through the basket. It was like a sound track for a scary movie, and really loud. But with that kind of wind you would expect noise. That was one of two nights we had high winds and seas, but the other night the wind was coming in on the other side of the ship.

I decided to try to get a load of laundry in before going to the muster drill. I was not the only one with the same idea. But waited in line to get a washer that would be finished when we were coming back from the drill. Two notes: On the Magic when you put your card in to purchase tokens you only need to purchase the wash and soap (if you need it). The dryers are free with the wash but still show up as needing to be purchased. If you purchase extra no problem, just push redeem button and number of dryers to 0. If you have any extra purchases in laundry and have not used them they will be deducted from your bill, just check to make sure. Second note: I saw another person doing this and it is a great idea. They had a post it note with their room number on the washer or dryer they were using. That was so you could call their room if they hadn't made it there from the reminders on the app. Better a call than having people pull your stuff out after you are more than 10 minutes late, Just a reminder set yourself an alarm that is 6-8 minutes ahead of your done time, then everyone is happy.

At the muster drill we learned that muster stations had changed, many more were added into the Walt Disney Theatre. So if you are a frequent traveler on the Magic you will need to recheck the location of your muster station, it may have changed.

The sail away Mickey wave show came and went and we still sat in port. We had early seating and still had not started moving until about half way through our dinner. Later we found out that they were waiting for supplies that had not been delivered and finally had to leave without them, Included in the missing supplies were cruise specific merchandise and I was told several bottles of wine. But it finally caught up with us in Reykjavik Iceland. Just before going in for supper we saw a Spitfire flying parallel to the White Cliffs of Dover. What a sight. Had seen it yesterday too about 5pm when we were on the cliffs. Boy the engine was really loud.

Dinner started us our in Lu miner's. What speedy service and good natured team. They were great the entire trip. General first night menu and as per usual the food was very good and very large servings.
After dinner and on our way to the Be Our Guest show we were walking on deck four and saw they had recently added (about 2 months ago) water bottle fillers at the drinking fountains. Good job Disney.
Also off the port side of ship after dinner we saw an off shore wind-farm. My twin sis the ecology teacher was really excited.

The Be Our Guest show had really been tightened up and enhanced since our last time on the Magic. Well worth the effort. During show announcements we learned that over 2/3s of the ship were gold and platinum members. So lots of repeaters. Return to our stateroom to a towel animal and chocolates. Another great embarkation on the Magic.

Day at Sea, July 22, 2019. We had high winds as we rounded the port of Dover but had a restful nights sleep. Breakfast, rest, pictures with characters and getting a deposit down for a “Save my place” future cruise was our schedule for the day. We had a mid morning invitation to attend a gold/platinum reception. We enjoyed free drinks, alcoholic and non alcoholic in the lobby area and later rice krispy mickey's on a stick.. Almost all the seats in the theatre were filled. The captain came and talked to us and then we got a peek at the backstage goings on during a scene from the show we were to see that evening Twice Charmed. I really enjoyed the live feed from the below stage area being shows on the large screens on each side of the stage. Afterwards they asked those with questions to come down to the stage and since my husband and self were retired technical theatre teachers we went. During our conversation with the crew the TD asked if we would like to see backstage and we jumped at it. Later we also were able to go into the sound and light control booth. A private tour, what Disney magic on the Magic.

The rest of the day was rest, trivia games and dressing for formal night. We really enjoy taking pictures with the characters in the tux and tails.
The Twice Charmed show was excellent, and enhanced since our last time on the Magic. After the show a quick walk on deck in the brisk night air and off to our stateroom and another towel animal.

Tomorrow our first port of call Kirkwall, Scotland.


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Feb 18, 2004
Excited for more of your report....this cruise sounds awesome. Thank you for taking the time. Also interested in your weather (cold? Damp?)

Texas Twin Sis

Earning My Ears
Aug 6, 2018
We were extremely lucky with weather. We had sunshine and temps in the high 60s 70s and even near 88 when we were in Northern Norway, go figure. The trick was layers and light weight rain/wind gear. Did not use my coat more than once then really needed it. Will have in more posts to come but as a teaser durning the deck show Freezing the Night Away we litterly were with Gale force winds. So it could be anything and changes quickly. Didn't have heavy rain until debarkation day in Copenhagen


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