10/6 Mystery Cruise Trip Report - Day 1

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    Jan 1, 2001
    Well, I don't know what to call this trip. On board, we were calling it the mystery cruise, the adventure cruise and even the "We get to do Castaway Cay TWICE cruise!"


    Me (Scott5150) 30
    DW (lucasmommy) 28
    DS (Lucas) 15 mos.

    Since we were coming from Macon, Georgia, we got up at 3am on Saturday morning and did the 7 hour drive to the port. It was pretty uneventful. We listened to the 3rd Harry Potter book on CD to make the trip go fast. Pulled into the port around 11am. We had to go through security and show IDs to drive our car up to drop our luggage off. Then we parked our car and walked over to the terminal with our 8 carry on bags and our son, his stroller, and his backpack carrier. Had to check IDs again.

    There was a pretty big line to board already, but we headed to the Castaway Club line to check in and it was painless and over in a few minutes. Looking at our Key to the World cards, we got the rotation I expected (APLAPLA) and we got in line to board. Amy went to look for fellow DISers (I am not going to name everyone, but at our Sat eve meet, we had about 25 people and it was great running into people you knew for the rest of the trip.)

    We boarded at 12:15 and went straight to Topsiders. After we got food for our starving son, I went to Palos to get my reservations. I went at 12:40 and they were already taking reservations. Ya snooze, ya loose! So I got the dinner and brunch I wanted. Everything is going well. I went down and had some lunch and then it was off to our room.

    We were in room 7112 - Cat 5 verandah. Let me tell you, once you put a pack-n-play in the sofa area, its like a cat 12! Our stateroom host (Ardon - excellent STEALTH service all week. we never saw him in our room and never had a single issue.) got our crib and diaper genie right away. Our luggage was all there by 2pm. I was surprised with the heightened security that they would even IMPROVE their luggage delivery times.

    Next it was off to Flounders nursery to make some reservations so that we could be adults once in a while. Well, they changed their hours and NONE of them overlap with the Palos brunch. I expressed my frustration to both Flounders staff and Palos, but the schedule was final. We made our other reservations and then it was off to Palos to cancel (sob) our brunch reservations.

    We were in Animators for the boat drill, so we stayed cool. After the drill, Captain Hans came on the intercom and told us about 2 tropical storms in the area and said that we would go to Castaway Cay tomorrow, since he knew that the weather would be good. He would decide tomorrow what we would do next, after looking at the weather. Well everyone was very excited about going to the island tomorrow and I (being a compulsive planner) was thrilled about not knowing where we were going!

    Our dinner was in Animators too. We had a great family that we dined with all week and our servers were excellent (Tom and Darko from Croatia). The food was very good there - a step up from what I remember at Animators.

    The welcome variety show was FUNNY - not to be missed.

    We then had our 10pm DIS meet in the Promenade lounge which turned out great. Met alot of great people that I would talk to throughout the rest of the week.

    I had been up for 20 hours, so I was ready for some good sleep!

    Sunday will be coming soon!

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    Sep 6, 2001
    I have been waiting for some of you to start posting reports! Sounds awesome (sorry about brunch)....Keep 'em coming, I need the fix to tide me over 'til December!

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