1 Day Trip with Surprise!

Discussion in 'Disneyland Trip Reports' started by JenniferW, Jun 27, 2002.

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    Thought I'd write a quick report. Went for only one day Sunday, June 17th, Father's Day. My hubby and I stayed at the Hyatt through Priceline, about 45-50 dollars and used their shuttle once to go to the park. It stopped briefly at other hotels, but was quick. It is not on the list at DL and meets closer to the road so ask about it. DL opened at 8am and we arrived 5 minutes later. (teased my hubby about being late!) Had a day left on our several day "hopper". It was a promotional 4 day pass that expires in 2 years which we bought over a year ago. Anyway, into the park and off to Fantasyland, it was a busy day to say the least, but we got a lot done in the first few hours. Hit all the Fantasyland rides no problem and then to to Adventureland and Splash Mountain. Got fastpasses as often as possible.

    I had a special surprise for my hubby, I was going to tell him we are pregnant after trying for a long time and one miscarriage! He went for a quick bathroom stop over by the castle/Advetureland and while we was there I asked "Belle" to give him a Father's Day card with this news. As we walked by the castle she called out his name and told him to visit her because she had something "special" for him. He was SHOCKED! She was such a good sport and really enjoyed her role as well. We took several pics and spent the rest of the day discussing baby stuff! It was a perfect experience! Not many people were in this area.

    Then, we went to to DCA for lunch at the place overlooking the water and looks like San Fran. I love the Chicken Salad in the sourdough breadbowl and the Broccoli and Cheese soup, can't remember the name of the place, but think it's the best food! Ask for butter and save it for the toritlla and the sourdough tour, butter makes it much better! Then, hit a few rides: roller coaster and a few others then off to rest at the hotel. Slept for several hours and returned at 6pm. Went to Toontown and it was much better at that time, saw a parade, Fantasmic and then the fireworks. Afterwards we we to Thunder Mountain for a few rides and hung out until 10:45pm then took the shuttle back. It was a fabulous day!

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    Aug 27, 1999
    What a Great trip! These are memories you will always cherish!!!

    Many congratulations!!! We were an infertile couple, and after many many many years of trying, I kept my pregnancy a secret for a month until that Christmas, and Dave opened his christmas present which was the Lynn Johnston book "David, We're Pregnant"! What a surprise!! and well worth the wait!!!!

    Can't wait until you can take the wee one back to see Belle!!!

    Cudos and congrats!


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