1/30 Just me-Bonnie Going Home & final thoughts.


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Jul 6, 2000
Got my packing done and headed out to breakfast. I went to the Cracker Barrel for a very nice breakfast. Checked out of the hotel and headed to the airport. On the way I stopped at a Super Target on Orange Blossom Trail right next to the Greenway (Rt 417) and picked up a sub for lunch to eat at the airport. Returned the car without problem, waited in line for 20 minutes at USAirways to check in. Security had no lines so that wasn't a problem. Headed to the gate and had my lunch while I waited. The plane to Charlotte was probably only 1/3 full. A flustered lady got on with a baby and baby seat and sat in back of me. After the baby seat was attached it was clear that I would not be able to put my seat back so I moved. It was a 767 with the 2-3-2 configuration and the whole back end was empty. On the commuter flight to Charlottesville, Sissy Spacek and her husband were passengers. They live in Charlottesville. I approached her when I got off and congratulated her on her golden globe award.
So that was my "alone" trip. Hope it wasn't too boring for you, I had a great time.

Some other little things:

I guess because I've been here so much, it always amazes me the number of first timers.

Pirates was a bittersweet ride. It was my Mom's favorite and she passed away last year. But I left a seat for her besides me and she was with me in spirit.

Haven't been to Country Bears in years, thought it was too corny. But I went back this time and enjoyed it.

I think cast members especially in the Magic Kingdom go out of their way to smile and greet single guests.

I noticed a few signs of wear & tear but nothing that lessened my enjoyment.
Disney is a business and business is down. If they want to continue to stay in business they have to make cut backs. The economy will pick up and so will they.

Saw a kid take a header down some steps over by the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground. Parents watch those kids! And speaking of that playground, I observed that some kids want to go in but they don't want to come out. I observed a kid or two being carried out screaming because they were having fun and didn't want to go.

I do enjoy Universal & IOA but on this trip I noticed how annoyingly loud they are (background music). There are places where you can't hear yourself think because of the blaring music. It ruined my enjoyment.

I observed someone tubing along in Castaway Creek (Typhoon Lagoon) complain very vocally threatening to call security because the kids were aiming the water cannons at him and getting him wet when he had asked them not to. I thought: Duh, you're in the water at a water park. Did you expect to stay dry??? Chill man.

Riding along the road to the MK I saw someone pulled over for speeding. That's a good start of a Disney day. Didn't realize that Disney allowed the county law enforcement to patrol their roads. I thought it would be Disney police but it was not.

Well, that's about it, time to start planning for the next trip.
Thanks so much for posting all your great trip reports, sounds like you had a great time,
glad your husband was able to join you!

When's the next trip?!?!

Thanks Kay, I can't seem to go much longer than a year without a disney fix so my next trip may be early december or next January. May find someone to go with me next time but if not I would definately go alone again.
Thanks for the great report!

I feel the same way with Tom Sawyer Island as you do with Pirates. That was my dad's favorite area, and he passed away when I was in college. I think that is part of the reason why I love WDW so much--it reminds me of great times with him. :)

Thanks for posting your final thoughts - you had a wonderful time.
Hi Bonnie! I'm glad the rest of your trip went well and you made it home safely! Mom & I enjoyed sitting with you for our Illuminations cruise. That was a lovey night.

Take care and thanks for the report!



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