“Official” 2018 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party – Strategy and Itinerary Thread

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Jun 19, 2016
FYI - At this time I am not accepting any new itinerary requests, please see: Post #3042

“Official” 2018 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
Strategy and Itinerary Thread


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Table of Contents
Please “click” on the links below to get you where you want to go!​

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Jun 19, 2016
Post #2: Itinerary Guidelines for Creating & Posting


  • Date of your Party
  • Who is attending
  • Time Frame on the LEFT, you do NOT need to color it.
  • Red = What time you need to be there.
  • Blue = What time you should be done.
  • Tag Team: One member of your family can 'save' your spot while you get snacks and/or take a restroom break. Please inform those around you what you're doing I'm sure they too will need the same and appreciate your kindness.
  • Hallowishes & Boo-To-You: Times and tips are listed on Post #3. Make sure you allow enough time to get the best view and be sure to include your viewing location.


Aug 17

3:30-4:10 MK Party Entrance
4:15-4:20 Snap some photos!
4:20-4:45 Mickey's PhilharMagic 15min
4:50-5:15 It's a Small World 25min
5:20-5:45 Mad Tea Party 30min
5:50-7:20 Winnie the Pooh M&G
Tag Team: Send DH to pick up snacks.
7:30-8:15 Lots-o-Huggin Bear
8:15-9:00 Headless Horseman Magic Shot / SotMK card
9:00-10:30 10:15 HalloWishes at Fake grass at Plaza
10:30-11:50 11:15 Boo-To-You Parade at Main Street

Additional Info & Links:
"Touring Plans reservation finder" and it's the first link to come up (it's free to use, I think you just have to make an account with touring plans to use it). You enter the restaurant, the date(s), the meal or specific time frame, your party size, email address and cell phone number. Then you wait. The website will randomly search for open reservations during the dates/times you selected. When one opens up, you'll get a text message with a link to click on to make the reservation. You'll want to click on it right away, so you don't lose it! Most importantly, if you do miss the reservation, you need to log back into the reservation finder website and restart the search. Thanks @Livelovedance :thumbsup2

Trouble with Fastpasses? Call IT directly - Internet Help Desk (407) 939-4357

Touring Plans Least Crowded 2018: https://blog.touringplans.com/2018/05/30/least-crowded-mickeys-not-so-scary-halloween-party-of-2018/

DVC Early Entry: MNSSHP hookup thread for those looking for DVC early entry

Dessert Party Guide: Post #5975

[URL="https://www.disboards.com/threads/thoughts-on-hallowishes-dessert-party.3705703/"]2018 HalloWishes Dessert Party Thread[/URL]

Lockers: Are located after the tapstiles on your right.

Minnie Vans: Post #2927

Orlando Hospital & Urgent Care

Party Entrance: Post #3167

2017 Itineraries:
MNSSHP 2017 - Strategy in the making.
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Jun 19, 2016
Post #3 - Party Map, Tickets & Wristband Locations, Bypass and Entertainment!

Party Map: http://www.wdwinfo.com/maps/mickeys-not-so-scary-halloween-party-map.htm

Party Map with Magic Shots, Character names & locations created by @FeetOffTheTable : Post #3159

Party Tickets & Wristband Locations

DVC: Disney Vacation Club Blue Card members with party tickets can enter at 2pm, Post #2893

I highly recommend you bring your tickets with you: Post #533

Party Wristband Locations - Opens at 4pm
Post #665 - Location
Post #2629 - Treat Bags
Post #2642 - Photo Opportunities

Nick & Judy Zootopia Party Patrol
Location: Along Main Street & Flagpole See map above, they come out from the ally and dance towards the flagpole. It's been reported dancers have been passing out candy!
Hours: 9:15 & 11:15
Duration: 10 minutes
**New Also see: Photos - Post #9325

Mickey’s Boo-To-You Parade *Also See: New additions - Post #2637
Location: The parade starts by Splash Mountain and ends in Town Square. It runs the same direction both times. It arrives on Main Street around 11:35pm and runs until 11:50pm.
The Headless Horseman appears 5-10 minutes prior to each parade, weather permitting. He follows the same full route as the BTY Parade and he'll circle the flagpole.
Hours: 9:15 p.m., 11:15 p.m.
Duration: 20 minutes
Also see: Post #540

*Tip: To get Front Row for the First Parade at Frontierland I’d recommend at least 45 minutes to secure spots, 1hr. if Sold Out and at least 30 minutes for the Second Parade. For Main Street 1hr 20-30 minutes if Sold Out. Thanks @Cluelyss :thumbsup2
10:45-11:30 Boo-To-You Parade Main Street

1st Parade at Frontierland with Map: Post #1110


Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular - Celebrating 25 Years!
August 17th - September 28th: 8:30, 10:45 & 12:00 AM
September 30th - October 31st: 7:40, 8:35, 10:45 & 12:00 AM
Duration: 20 minutes


Happy HalloWishes Fireworks
Time: 10:15 p.m.
Duration: 12 minutes
**NEW Also See:
Hallowishes in Frontierland Photos - Post #9337
Hallowishes in Fantasyland Photos - Post #9375

*TIP: To see from the hub stake out a spot 60 minutes in advance and maybe earlier if attending a sold out party otherwise secure a spot by 9:30 p.m.


Madames Carlotta, Rinotta (rotate throughout the night) & Butler Broome
Location: Haunted Mansion Lawn in Liberty Square
*Expected Hours: 7:15 p.m. – 10:15 p.m. / 10:45 p.m. – 11:35 p.m.

The Cadaver Dans Barbershop Quartet
Location: Roaming in Frontierland between Liberty Square & Country Bear Jamboree
Hours: 7:00 p.m., 7:45., 8:30 p.m., 9:50 p.m., 10:30 p.m.
Duration: 20 Minutes

Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Ball Dance Party
Featuring: Sully, Mike & George Sanderson
Location: Rocket Plaza Stage in Tomorrowland to the right of Space Mountain
Hours: 7 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Storybook Circus Disney Junior Jam Dance Party
New this year featuring some of your favorite Disney Junior Characters, including Doc McStuffins & Timon!
Recently added: Vampirina
Location: Storybook Circus
Hours: 7 p.m. - 12 a.m.

Frontierland Costume Promenade (not pictured)
New this year in Frontierland, prospector Cactus-Flower Cate rounds up youngsters for the Frontierland Costume Promenade, encouraging them to show off their costumes in a quest for the greatest treasure in the land – candy!
Hours: 8:50 p.m. and 10:50 p.m.
**NEW Also see: Excellent review on: Post #3221

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Jun 19, 2016
Post #4: Sorcerer of The Magic Kingdom Card & Merchandise

MNSSHP 2018 Sorcerer of The Magic Kingdom Card
"Orange Bird’s Juice-o-Lanterns"
Location: Main Street Firehouse
Hours: 4 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.
For more information "click" here: Post #438

Hocus Pocus 2018 Merchandise/25th Anniversary
- Sanderson Sisters T-shirt $36.99 each
- Amuck, Amuck Aumck Spirit Jersey $59.99 - SOLD OUT
- Purple Hocus Pocus T-Shirt $32.99
- Hocus Pocus Party Potion Cauldron Cup $19.99 - SOLD OUT
- Hocus Pocus Ornament 2018 $26.99
- Hocus Pocus Tote Bag AP Exclusive $24.99

Mickey's Not-So-Scary 2018 Merchandise
- Mickey & Minnie Gray & Black Reglan T-Shirt AP Exclusive $?
- Orange Mickey & Minnie Ear Hat Ornament $?
- MNSSHP Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirt $28.99
- Minnie & Zero T-Shirt $32.99
- Mickey with Pumpkin Youth T-Shirt $23.99

2018 Exclusive Limited Edition MNSSHP Magicband $39.99
New this year is the multi-color gray band and center icon of orange, both the box and the MagicBand contain glow-in-the-dark elements. Limited Edition of 4000, SKU #400020969361.
Thanks Ethan at: http://www.magicbandcollectors.com/2018-mickeys-not-so-scary-halloween-party-magicband-revealed/

2018 Exclusive MNSSHP Pins

- Limited Release Logo Pin $15.02
- Hocus Pocus Pin $16.99 - SOLD OUT
Orange Bird Pin AP Exclusive $14.99
– Minnie, Goofy, Chip & Dale, Stitch (SOLD OUT) Logo Pins $16.99 Each
– Mystery Pin Set (Two pins per box) $19.99 each
– Box Set with Nephews Completer Pin $130 (Five Pins Total)
– Frame Set with Pluto Completer Pin $275 (Seven Pins Total)

2018 Halloween Pins Open Edition
Mickey & Minnie $9.99 / Prepare to Scare Mickey $9.99 / Mickey Wreath $9.99 / Bewitching Minnie $9.99
Pluto Trick or Treat $9.99 / Donald Duck I’M JUST HERE for the CANDY $9.99 / Goofy Creep it Real $9.99 / Chip and Dale Bats Pin Set $14.99 / Four Piece Pin Set $24.99

Star Wars BB-8 Pumpkin Pin $9.99
Note: There are THREE Star Wars Pins available this year two are not pictured.

EMPORIUM: Full Event Collection Also see: Post #6088, Post #7393


BIG TOP SOUVENIRS: Full Event Collection Also see: Post #6064


***NEW 2018 October Pins - Post #3318

2018 Non Exclusive Halloween Merchandise
Hocus Pocus: Post #1155, Post #2224, Post #2381
Haunted Mansion: Post #1156, Post #2345
Hats & Headbands: Post #1205, Post #1224
Souvenir Skull Mug: Post #2670
Alex and Ani MNSSHP Bangles: Post #7854
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Jun 19, 2016
Post #5: Popcorn Buckets & Party Favors

Exclusive 2018 MNSSHP - Oogie Boogie 2nd Edition Popcorn Bucket $17.50

A new version of this popular bucket will be available exclusively at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort.
NOTE: You may purchase TWO per ticket holder.

2018 Cauldron Premium Popcorn Light-up Bucket $10.50. Add $4.50 for popcorn.

Cauldron Premium Popcorn Bucket. This light-up bucket will be available at all four parks and Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort! And it even features a Hidden Mickey … but you’ll have to find that one on your own! It is refillable $1.75 for length of stay!

Happy Halloween 2018 Base Popcorn Bucket /Pail
This year’s design features Mickey and Minnie all decked out in their Halloween best as well as Chip and Dale as adorable little bats! Available at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT and Disney Springs. It is refillable $1.75 for length of stay!

2018 Happy Halloween Travel Mug $18.99

Is available as a refillable mug (only refillable for the duration of your stay) available at all resort hotels across property. Currently at Beach Club. Also see: Post #3010

All Walt Disney World Resort 2018 Halloween Premium and Base Popcorn Buckets are refillable during your length of stay for $1.75 per refill. Walt Disney World Resort 2018 Halloween Travel Mugs are refillable during your length of stay.

All of the novelty items listed above are only available for a limited time while supplies last. Prices are subject to change without notice.

2018 Poison Green Apple Glow Cube

At Walt Disney World Resort, get the Green Poison Apple Glow Cube at Abracada Bar at Disney’s BoardWalk or Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs.

2018 Green Poison Apple Stein $12.99

Green Poison Apple Stein! You’ll find it throughout Disneyland Resort as well as various outdoor vending locations throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort.
Also see: 9/4 Post #8193

The Headless Horseman Straw Clip AND Pumpkin Straw

The Headless Horseman Straw Clip $5.99 You’ll find him galloping around at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort.
Locations: Sleepy Hollow, Storybook Treats, Aloha Isle and at Casey's you can mobile order it: Post #6486.

Pumpkin Straw will be at various quick-service locations throughout Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

Remember – these amazingly spooktacular Halloween novelties are quite popular and are only available while supplies last! These novelty items will be available at various times throughout September and October at both Walt Disney World Resort starting on August 17.

Per Disney Parks Blog: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/08/novelty-guide-to-halloween-2018-at-disney-parks/
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Post #6: Character List - Location, Times Guide

If you see "*More" click on it to see more information!

Note: If it's raining check to see if characters are at Storybook Circus and if there's lightning they will move inside.

Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Mickey Mouse Town Square Theater/ Indoor
  • Jack Skellington and Sally / Town Square Theater / Indoor / *More
Liberty Square
  • H.M. Butler Broome / Haunted Mansion / Outdoor / Roaming
  • Seven Dwarfs / Pete’s Silly Sideshow in Storybook Circus / Indoor / *More
  • Rapunzel & Tiana / Princess Fairytale Hall / Indoor
  • Cinderella & Elena / Princess Fairytale Hall / Indoor
  • Anastasia and Drizella /Fantasyland /Outdoor / Roaming
  • Queen of Hearts with Tweedles / Mad Tea Party / Outdoor / *More
  • Alice with Mad Hatter / Mad Tea Party / Outdoor / *More
  • Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet / To the left of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh / *More
  • Ariel with Eric / Across from Ariel’s Grotto / *More
  • Belle with Gaston / Across from Gaston’s Tavern / *More
  • Minnie Mouse / Storybook Circus near Casey Jr. Splash Zone / Outdoor / *More
  • Cruella DeVil / Roaming / Location
  • Daisy with Donald / Storybook Circus near Casey Jr. Splash Zone / Outdoor / *More
  • Goofy / Near the Barnstormer / Outdoor / *More
Frontierland: Diamond Horseshoe
  • Br'er Bear & Br'er Rabbit - Roaming / *More
  • Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear / To the left of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin / Outdoor / *More
  • Elvis Stitch / Stitch’s Great Escape / Indoor / *More
  • Moana / Enchanted Tiki Room / Indoor / *More
  • Tarzan, Jane & Turk / To the left of Swiss Family Treehouse and across from Sunshine Tree Terrace / Outdoor / *More
  • Captain Jack Sparrow / Across from Pirates of the Caribbean on the stage / Outdoor / *More
  • Aladdin with Abu / To the right of Aloha Isle behind The Magic Carpets of Aladdin / Outdoor
  • Princess Jasmine with Genie / To the right of Aloha Isle behind The Magic Carpets of Aladdin / Outdoor
  • Jafar / Against the wall across from Swiss Family Treehouse / Outdoor
  • Haunted Mansion Grave Diggers / Across from Diamond Horseshoe / Outdoor / *More
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Post #7: Trick or Treat Locations & Allergy Information

Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Market Street (Open until 8 p.m.)
  • Town Square Theater (Allergy-Friendly Center)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - Covered Queue, Bonus Location
  • Jungle Cruise - Outdoor
  • Splash Mountain
  • Dock to Tom Sawyer Island - Outdoor GO GO Squeeze
  • Country Bear Jamboree - Indoor
Liberty Square
  • Columbia Harbour House - Outdoor
  • Liberty Square Ticket Office (Allergy-Friendly Center)
  • Mickey's PhilharMagic - Indoor 2 Bonus Location, playing cartoons & air conditioned. Strollers and wheelchairs went down a ramp and everyone else went down the stairs into a second line: Post #7945
  • Exit at Journey of the Little Mermaid
  • Ariel's Grotto
  • Pinocchio Village Haus - Indoor
  • Walt Disney World Railroad Station
  • Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor - Indoor 2 Bonus Location
  • Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café - Indoor Bay 1
  • Carousel of Progress - Outdoor Bonus Location
Bonus Locations - contains more Trick or Treat stations in one location.

Fun Fact
: You can return to any location as many times as you want!
There are over 40 brands of treats which are mixed together at each stop and way too many to list.

Teal Allergy-Friendly Treat Bag & 2018 Treats

This year, allergy-friendly treats include Enjoy Life Crunchy Mini Cookies, Enjoy Life Seed and Fruit Mix, Enjoy Life Morsels, Enjoy Life Rice Milk Crunch, YumEarth Lollipops, Surf Sweets Gummy Bears, Smarties, Werther's and craft kits.

GOGO Squeeze Applesauce plain and cinnamon are available at Tom Sawyer Island.


Food Allergy Info:

Guests with food allergies can get a special teal bag that will designate them as having an allergy (teal is the color that represents food allergy awareness). These bags can be picked up at the Main Entrance, Liberty Square Ticket Office, Town Square Theater or any of the trick or treat locations.

Teal Tokens

At the Trick or Treat Stations, these guests will get a teal token which can be redeemed for allergy-friendly treats and non-food items at Liberty Square Ticket Office and Town Square Theater. Feel free to stop there if you have questions.
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    Post #8: Specialty Treats and Anytime Treats
    • Some Specialty Treats will be sold starting at 6pm.
    • Anytime Treats are sold during park hours am-pm.
    • Some items may be available on Mobile Order on the My Disney Experience app!
    • Dining Plan Snack Credits eligible are in blue.
    @Cluelyss : Treat File - Post #7472 :thumbsup2

    Main Street Bakery / Anytime Treats

    No-So-Poison Apple Cupcake $6.99: Spiced “apple” cupcake with pecan crunch and buttercream.

    Halloween Cinnamon Roll $6.29:
    Mickey-shaped cinnamon roll is topped with icing and a chocolate spider web.

    Pumpkin Cheesecake $5.99: Gluten-Friendly with Pecans and Carmel Glaze and a vanilla pecan cake base.

    Casey’s Corner / Anytime Treat
    Minnie Witch Brownie $4.29: This decadent brownie is topped with a white chocolate piece featuring the one and only FABULOUS Minnie Mouse, dressed in her Halloween best!

    Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café - Avail. at 6pm
    Hades Nachos $12.79 / Specialty Treat: These black bean nacho chips are topped with fiery buffalo chicken and your choice of toppings from the topping bar!

    Worms & Dirt $4.49 / Specialty Treat then starting on Oct 1 it will become an Anytime Treat:
    These gummy worms have been laid to rest. No mourning, please, at their request. The Worms & Dirt chocolate pudding comes topped with gluten-friendly cake crumbs, gummy worms, and a chocolate grave stone.

    Cider House (Golden Oak Outpost) / Specialty Treats
    Chilled Apple Cider $3.49, Apple Cider Slushy $4.99. Pair it with a Warm Caramel-Stuffed Pretzel $4.79 or a few Cinnamon Donuts 6 count $4.99 and you’ve got yourself a frighteningly sweet snack!

    Sleepy Hollow
    Zero Waffle Sundae $6.49 / Specialty Treat then starting on Oct 1 it will become an Anytime Treat: Special pumpkin waffles for you here at Sleepy Hollow. This sundae comes topped vanilla ice cream, sprinkles, and a caramel drizzle.

    Jack Skellington Cake Push Pop $4.99 / Specialty Treat: Layered with chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, white chocolate and dark chocolate crispy pearls, dark chocolate curls, and a white chocolate Jack Skellington piece.

    Liberty Square Market / Specialty Treat
    Madame Leota Dessert $5.99: A vanilla tart shell filled with toasted marshmallow pastry crème and topped with crispy pearls, chocolate, and a hard candy garnish.

    Aloha Isle / Specialty Treat
    Hitchhiking Ghost Dessert $5.99: Doom Buggy-inspired Cream Puff with them! It’s filled with cookies and cream mousse and topped witch a chocolate piece featuring the Hitchhiking Ghosts.

    Gaston’s Tavern / Specialty Treat
    Oogie Boogie Meringue $4.99: Pomegranate-cherry gelée with gummy worms is topped with glow-in-the-dark meringue. Gluten and Diary-Friendly.

    Storybook Treats / Anytime Treat
    Maleficent Waffle Cone $5.29: It comes with lime soft-serve in a black waffle cone and topped with purple sugar and chocolate horns.

    Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies / Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café
    Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies / Anytime Treats:

    • Candy Corn Ice Cream $3.99: Soft-serve ice cream. Get it in a cone or in a sundae!
    • Candy Corn Milkshake $7.99: Topped with cotton candy and a Mickey-shaped marshmallow.

    Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café / Specialty Treat

    • Muenster Smash Burger $13.99: Muenster Smash Burger served on a black bun with Muenster cheese, tots, and Sriracha aïoli. NOT available via Mobile
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    Post #9: Rides / Magic Shots & More!

    Ride Refurbishment/Closures:
    None at this time

    New features have been added to the following rides:

    Pirates of the Caribbean - PIRATES will interact with guests as everyone joins in the search for Gunpowder Pete at Pirates of the Caribbean!
    Mad Tea Party - Special Lighting
    Space Mountain - New Soundtrack & Special Lighting
    Thanks @Cluelyss :thumbsup2

    :umbrella: During inclement weather the following rides will be closed:
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    Splash Mountain
    The Barnstormer
    Magic Carpets
    Astro Orbiter
    Tomorrowland Speedway

    Indoor Rides include:
    Haunted Mansion
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Country Bear Jamboree
    It’s a Small World
    Peter Pan’s Flight
    Journey of the Little Mermaid
    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    Princess Fairytale Hall
    Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
    Space Mountain
    Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

    pixiedust: During Fireworks the following rides are closed temporarily:
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    Splash Mountain
    *Please note there could be more. I'll update when I know.

    *Please Note:
    Hall of Presidents, Jungle Cruise, and Tom Sawyer Island have been closed the past few years. FastPass+ reservations are not available during the party since lines are usually pretty short. Lines will be the shortest during the two parades and after the Happy HalloWishes Fireworks when many families with young children leave the park.
    Tiki Room and Pete’s Silly Sideshow Closes at 5pm on party nights.

    MNSSHP Magic Shots & More - Please use this direct link: MNSSHP Magic Shots & More!
    Last Update: September 12, 2018
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    Post #10

    Halloween Party and Gift Card Giveaway

    Welcome my pretties to a Halloween party
    you may leave your brooms by the door.
    Please arrive on time both hale and hearty
    et your gloom fall onto the floor.

    Dress if you wish and bring a dish
    of your favorite ghoulish delights.
    Drink if you must to blow off the dust
    but do so without causing a fright.

    There’ll be games to play and a host who’ll say
    “There’s always room for one more”.
    Feast your eyes and win a prize
    cause hell breaks loose at four!

    A word to the wicked and my friends
    all are welcome to play.
    The Rules do not bend so let’s not pretend
    to see a shade of grey!

    Friday, August 3, 2018
    4pm EDT

    The DIS is not sponsoring, endorsing nor affiliated in this giveaway in anyway shape or form.

    This event is now now closed. It started on Post #1335 and ended on Post #2133.
    Score Keeper tally can be viewed on Post #2183 and the Winners List can be seen on Post #2194.




    Games to be played are Disney themed in one form or another and include but not limited to:
    Trivia :stir: Tune Time :stir: Magical Movies :stir: Puzzles :stir: Image Posting


    • Games will be played using a point system. Each question will range from one (1) point up to five (5) points as shown:

    • Once you have scored fifteen (15) points, I will ask if you want to “Stay & Play” or “Cash Out”.
    • If you choose to “Cash Out” you will win a $15 Starbucks e-gift card. If you choose to “Stay & Play” you become ineligible for the $15 prize and must earn twenty-five (25) points to win a $25 Disney e-gift card. The choice is yours and once you render your answer it is final.
    • The amount of funds allocated for this portion is $300. In the event the funds reach $20 or less we will play a final round. Players with 14 points or more are only allowed to play with the understanding they are playing for a Starbucks e-gift card for the remaining balance.
    • One e-gift card per person with the exclusion of Bonus Rounds.
    BONUS ROUNDS Rules of Play
    In addition to the main game, Bonus Rounds will be played intermittently.

    • They are the same type of games as listed above and are clearly marked as BONUS ROUND, players who win that question will receive $5 Starbucks eGift card as shown:

    • The amount of funds allocated for Bonus Rounds is TBD.
    • One BONUS ROUND e-gift card per person.
    • All questions will be posted individually and must be answered correctly prior to the next question being posted.
    • All answers must be spelled correctly, names must be capitalized and not shortened nor abbreviated as shown:
      • Moana is spelled with a capital “M”
      • Cinderella not Cindy
      • Winnie the Pooh not Pooh
      • Peter Pan not P.Pan
      • Captain Hook not Hook or Capt. Hook
    Any questions pertaining to the proper spelling of Disney character names can be resolved here:

    • You are NOT allowed to use the “edit” feature during this event and will be disqualified if used.
    • If you post in error you are allowed to post again with your correct answer.
    • You are allowed to post as many times until the correct answer is received.
    • Once the correct answer has been posted I will use the “like” feature to designate the winner.
    • Players cannot share, sell or giveaway points that they’ve earned.
    • When posting images, thumbnails and links to an image do NOT count, you must post a 4” x 5” or 5” x 4” image as shown:
    4" x 5"

    5" x 4"

    • I am not responsible to instruct, give advice or help troubleshoot on “How to” post images. You may practice here on the Itinerary & Strategy thread. Please do not disrupt other threads while practicing.


    I am personally responsible for all e-gift cards given out to winners.

    I will contact eGift card winners via DIS Private Messaging to obtain your email address that is associated with your user name on Saturday, August 4, 2018 by 9pm EDT. Please do NOT contact me beforehand.

    All eGift cards will be awarded on Sunday, August 5, 2018 by 9pm EDT.

    Starbucks and Disney eGift cards will be purchased directly from their online site. They will send me a confirmation of said purchase. I will also receive a confirmation after it’s been sent to your email address. Once sent, they are your responsibility.

    I reserve the right to discontinue the game without notice if too many issues arise at my sole discretion, obviously I hope that doesn’t happen, let’s play nice :thumbsup2

    The Score Keeper will record any player who scores points and earns eGift cards.

    Score Keeper will post a tally update after each “like”.

    Please note my husband will be the Score Keeper during this event.

    All funds awarded are from me and my family.

    Good Luck to All and Happy Haunting!
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    Jun 19, 2016

    From Disney Parks Blog/WDW

    MNSSHP Tickets on Sale: March 19, 2018

    Sleepy Hollow Event: March 23, 2018

    Ride Attractions via WDW: April 15, 2018

    Happy HalloWishes Fireworks Time Confirmed via WDW: May 30, 2019
    Post #853

    New Spooky Experiences: June 22, 2018

    Boo-To-You Parade Times Confirmed via WDW: July 18, 2018
    Thanks @TISHLOVESDISNEY :thumbsup2

    Cadaver Dans Times Confirmed via WDW: July 18, 2018

    Hocus Pocus Times Confirmed via WDW: July 18, 2018

    Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom card via WDW: July 30, 2018

    From Disney Bloggers

    Table Service Dining Reservations Now Available: May 24, 2018

    Happy HalloWishes Dessert Parties: May 30, 2018

    Touring Plans "Least Crowded Party": May 30, 2018

    Halloween Pin: June 21, 2018

    2018 Exclusive MNSSHP Pins: August 1, 2018

    2018 Popcorn Buckets: August 9, 2018

    :surfweb: :eek: :badpc: :sad2:

    Dreaded FastPass Email - 2018 - Post #1112
    Main Thread: Knighthound Post #3253, newestkg06 Post #3752, Davkind76 Post #3946, TIME4DIZ Post #4323, AcusTwinhammer (DVC) Post #4533, MommyTaraLee (DVC) Post #4811
    Itnerary Thread: CdnCarrie Post #1056, Queen of the WDW Scene Post #5
    First Report of Last 2 Days being deleted: here and here by @lorilclevelandrn
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    2018 Return to Sleepy Hollow Event Thread

    Review of The Return to Sleepy Hallow Event 2017

    My husband and 14 year old son attended this event in late October 2017, Premium Seating. I remember it being cold and rainy and there was a MNSSHP that night too. Below is a photo of the historic Tri-Circle-D Ranch stables at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. The red square represents the black “Return to Sleepy Hallow” back drop that is also decorated with Halloween décor. You stand behind the décor and can take all kinds of photos. There was no Photopass photographer there, at least not that night.


    After photos, you ‘check-in’ on the right-hand side in the building. There will be a table with black goodie bags and CM’s waiting to assist you. The goodie bag is insulated and measures 7” long x 5.5” wide x 5” tall and is filled with a hand full of assorted treats and a mini bottle of water. They also received a lanyard and limited-edition pin.

    What isn’t photographed is the large bin behind the black back drop, there you will find an assortment of bagged popcorn; cheddar cheese, kettle corn and plain. One bag per person.


    Below you can see the chairs and movie screen, first few rows are for Premium Seating and the back rows are for General Seating. I believe a CM will be on hand to direct you. After the movie Premies get to take photos with the Headless Horseman first. EVERYONE gets a photo with the Headless Horseman. You stand in front of the black picket fence and Disney’s Photopass photographers will take your photos, you can take them as well. Yes, it’s the real Headless Horseman on his trusty steed “Daredevil”.


    Also note that this event takes place in a working barn and horses were in their stalls that night. DH & DS said they didn't notice any smells or odor permeating through the room but if you have allergies you might want to take your meds with you :flower3:
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    Mar 10, 2015
    WOW! Thank you for creating this thread and writing all this info! You’re amazing! I can’t wait to start our itinerary for the party! Main character is Moana for the girls and I’d love to meet Peter Pan since that’s who my son will be dressed as!


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    Jun 19, 2016
    WOW! Thank you for creating this thread and writing all this info! You’re amazing! I can’t wait to start our itinerary for the party! Main character is Moana for the girls and I’d love to meet Peter Pan since that’s who my son will be dressed as!
    I hope we can help you create an itinerary with cherished memories! Just post when ready! :hug:


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    You have done a marvelous job creating this thread

    Thanks for all the detailed and hard work you have put into it

    Many wil be grateful for this information, me included!
    I doubt you'll need my help but I'm sure glad you found me!
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