»°« Looking for Small Jewel Rugs from Pirate Quest »°«

Discussion in 'Virtual Traders Market' started by MichelleXL, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. MichelleXL

    MichelleXL lalala Me Shell, My Belle

    Jun 8, 2005
    I am mostly looking for the small jewel rug from the first Pirate Quest.

    Also looking for Firewindow, Couch and Stool w/stick.

    Items available for trade
    Trading: Costumes:
    » x1 Herbie Pants
    » x1 Lanyard Shirt: Yellow
    » x1 Past Special: Superhero Suit: Green (Top, Pants, Shoes)

    Trading: DLR Quest/Special:
    » x1 Fantasyland Quest Pin
    » x1 Frontierland Quest Pin
    » x1 Monster's Inc Doors: Gold

    Trading: Furniture:
    » x75 Blue Typhoon Lagoon Crates
    » x3 Past-Special: Blue Flying Carpet Chair
    » x10 Past-Special: Green Barrel Chair
    » x1 Past-Special: Green Number Generator
    » x10 Past-Special: Green PhilharMagic Chair
    » x10 Past-Special: Green Tiki Bamboo Divider
    » x5 Past-Special: Heart Chair: Pink
    » x5 Past-Special: Heart Chair: Red
    » x1 Past-Special: HKDL Chair: Cyan
    » x1 Past-Special: HKDL Chair: Magenta
    » x2 Past-Special: Paper Lantern: Cyan
    » x2 Past-Special: Paper Lantern: Magenta
    » x5 Retired: Everest Throne
    » x3 Retired: Light Blue Rocket Couch
    » x1 Retired: Monster's Inc Doors: Purple
    » x1 Retired: Pink Slipper Chair
    » x5 Retired: Snow Rug

    Trading: Pins:
    » x2 Disneyland 5/9
    » x4 Everest: 2/5
    » x2 Everest: 4/5
    » x2 Everest: 5/5
    » x4 Hotel: Contemporary
    » x1 Hotel: Polynesian
    » x1 Hotel: Cheyenne
    » x3 Hotel: Disneyland Hotel
    » x4 Hotel: Hollywood
    » x2 Hotel: Hong Kong DL Hollywood
    » x2 In-game Quest: Mickey
    » x3 In-game Quest: Tomorrowland Crystals
    » x3 In-game Quest: Tomorrowland Ride
    » x2 Monster's Inc Ride Opening Day
    » x3 New Year's Day 2006
    » x5 St Patrick's Day
    » x1 Tiki: Tangaroa
    » x1 Tiki: Tangaroa-Ru
    » x2 Tomorrowland: Flying Saucer 1/5
    » x1 Tomorrowland: Motor Boat 2/5
    » x1 Tomorrowland: People Mover 3/5
    » x2 Tomorrowland: Submarine 5/5
    » x2 Valentine's Day 2006 Tink

    Trading: Magic Pins:
    » x3 Fireworks Magic
    » x1 Teleportation Magic

    Trading: WDW Quest/Special:
    » x1 Happiest Celebration Pin (pin you receive by purchasing a real pin at park, not the DLR 50th quest pin)
    » x3 Ace of Spade Carpet
    » x3 Adventureland Retro Pin
    » x3 Big Thunder Mountain Teleporter Set (linking)
    » x3 Briarstone
    » x5 Cactus Chair
    » x3 Captain Nemo Chair: Pink
    » x10 Fantasyland Retro Pin
    » x1 Flying Carpet Chair: Purple
    » x1 Golden Showcase Collection
    ...... Number Generator
    ...... Penny Press
    ...... PhilharMagic Chair
    ...... Rope
    ...... Turnstile
    » x2 Huntsman's Heartless Hamper: Pink
    » x3 Jungle Cruise Poster: Gorilla
    » x3 Jungle Cruise Poster: Rhino
    » x3 Rocket Couch: Magenta
    » x4 Saddle Seats Sofa: Red
    » x3 Safari Lifestyle Collection Poster
    » x3 Stitch Teleporter Set (linking)

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