ºoº Can anyone tell me their experience with Disney Wonder Atlantis Excursion Tour?


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Oct 28, 2000
ºoº Can anyone tell me their experience with the Disney Wonder Atlantis Excursion Tour?

I wanted to purchase the Disney Wonder excursion to the Atlantis Tour this December on the Mousefest cruise. But I was curious as to what you could tell me about the transportation experience from the Disney Wonder to the Atlantis Resort.

Is the Disney transportation by boat launch or by bus or by taxi or by van?

If it is by boat launch, do you leave directly form the Wonder, or do you have to travel to somewhere else on the pier?

Are there stairs to get to the boat launch?

Can you tell me your recollection of what the boarding of the launch transportation was like? Do you think that a mobility scooter could make it on the boat launch?

I really prefer not to take the mobility scooter apart, but I can in less than two minutes. Do you think that this is possible to do on the boat launch?

I guess that I really want to know what the boat launch to the Atlantis Resort looks like. Is their a ramp to get on and off or do you step across directly from the pier to the boat launch.

Do you think that their would be enought room on the boat launch to place a mobility scooter without being a inconvenience to other guests and boat launch owners?

If they don't use a boat launch, and if they use a bus, taxi, or van, do you think that I can take my scooter apart and transport it on them also.

I'm sorry for so many questions, but I would like to hear from everyone's experiences and ideas if they when on the Disney Atlantis Tour Excursion and what the transportation looks like.

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely, Ray :)


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Feb 14, 2005
If you are talking about the Discover Atlantis Tour we took that in May. There is no boat to get to Atlantis. The name of the tour company is Historic Harbor Tours. It is a tour bus, much smaller than anything around here. We were very cramped in it. I don't really remember anybody with a scooter on the bus so I am not sure what how they dealt with that. I do know the seats up near the driver were roomier than those in the back.

The tour bus takes you around Nassau, showing you some sites like government buildings and the Queens Staircase. The walk to the tour bus isn't too long, They pick you up at the first road possible.

Once you cross the bridge and get to Atlantis they drop you off a ways away from Atlantis. You have to cross a fairly busy street, but they have Atlantis staff there to show you were to go and get you to the resort.

The split you up in groups of 15 or so and you go through the tour of the aquariams, the property and the casino. I do remember a lot of steps and a lot of walking. I assume there are elevators available however we didn't use them so I can't be sure.

Once the guide is done with the tour you are welcome to go back and look at anything of the things we looked at on the tour on your own. The wrist band you get does not allow you access to their beach or pool. When you are finished with your tour you make your own way back to where the bus dropped you off. They leave every half hour to take you back to the ship.

I hope that this helps, if you have any other questions I am happy to answer them if I can.


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Feb 17, 2000
Hi Ray,

Can't help answer your questions on the tour itself. However every time we've gone to Nassau we've done Atlantis on our own. The cabs are short walk (or ride in your case) from the ship. They are vans so should have room for the scooter. They do fill the van before they go but since a lot of people go there you shouldn't have to wait long. They then drop you right at the door at Atlantis.

Once there you purchase a wristband that lets you tour the Dig at your own pace. It actually lets you walk all around the grounds but not use the pools.

When done just go back to where the cab let you off and right next to that is where the cabs wait to take you back.

Cab fair is about $4 or $5 each way.


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Apr 4, 2004
I also can't help you with the actual Disney tour..but when we were in Nassau last year with DCL...we did Atlantis on our own....and for ALOT less $$ than the disney excursion. Like the previous posted said the taxis are a short (Very Short) distance from where the ship docs...and didn't cost much for the ride...I think it was around $4pp. Once there the only thing that you have to pay for at Atlantis is the admission to The Dig...other than that you can roam freely around the casino and shops. You can't go out to the pools, slides, or the Atlantis beach (those areas are only for hotel guests)..but there is a fairly nice beach behind Atlantis that's free. The sand is awesome..and the beach itself is great...the water can be a bit rough and gets deep fairly fast....other than that's its great.

Plus anytime your ready to head back to the ship...or back to Nassau you just call a taxi to come back and get you. (or check out side...there othere there waiting quite a bit)


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Apr 16, 2004
I would recommend taking a taxi ($4per person) to Atlantis and doing it on your own. You can either book a room at the Atlantis or at the Comfort Suites. With Comfort Suites, you can get the signifcant organization savings discount. http://www.smartertravel.com/hotel/mb.php?id=16348
Lots of people do this as it gives you access to the pools, aquariums, Dig, and slides that the cruise ship excursion does not. You can also book directly with Atlantis. We were lucky enough to get in on a $99 travelzoo special!


Retired and going to Disney.
Oct 28, 2000
Thank you everyone for your advice and insight.

I think that I will at least get off of the ship and scoot around the pier to where the taxis are located.

If it doesn't look like my taking my scooter apart and loading it onto the taxi/van would inconvenience the time of the other guests, I might go to the Atlantis Resort and tour the place with one of those wristbands that WDWLVR.

I sure did want to get off the ship last year, but I didn't.

Thank you everyone.

Sincerely, Ray :)


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