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  1. TheLittleKatie

    Reach Out And Find Your Happily Ever After! (BC Feb 2019) - *updated 02/08*

    Reach Out And Find Your Happily Ever After! Hello hello! :wave: My name is Katie and this is my fifth trip report! “A warm welcome back to those of you who made it.” This one’s a real rollercoaster, if you will. To quote Dickens, this trip was definitely the BEST of times, and the WORST of...
  2. katiec786

    Sept 2019 - Disney Besties Dream Trip!

    Hello hello! I got back this morning and am deep in a post-Disney-slump... but we just had the most amazing week! Strap in kids, it's a long ride, but I wanted to get everything down before I lost it to the jet lag fog! I'm Kate, 33, went to Orlando with my family multiple times as a kid then...
  3. Greg Lembrich

    "Let's Ride Every Ride at Tokyo Disney" - Daddy and Daughter's First Trip to Japan

    Greetings fellow DISers. This is my third trip report, and it will chronicle the adventures that my daughter and I had on our June 2019 trip to Tokyo Disney. I hope you will come along for the ride(s). My daughter Caroline and I both adore the Disney parks and love experiencing amusement parks...
  4. momtohms

    An August 2019 (kind of) Solo TR! Updated 10/7!

    Hello! Welcome to my latest trip report! I just got back a few days ago, and am really excited to get this started! My PTR can be found HERE First up, the details! This was my 6th trip to Disneyland! I went twice in High School, and then didn’t get back until 2015 with my own family - and...
  5. paradesintherain

    A Girl's First Solo Trip - August 2018 *updated 10/9 x2 and COMPLETED!*

    Introductions! Hello again! I’m back with a rather belated TR on a last minute trip I took in August of 2018. I've written three other TRs (and am currently doing some highlights on the Epic Girls Dismeet in Return of the Porg) which are in my signature if you should feel like reading...
  6. Raeven

    "I'll Do You One Better: Why is Gamora?" (WDW Vets Visit Cali, April/May 2019) Completed 6/23

    For those of you who haven't read one of our trip reports before :welcome: My name is Raeven! :wave2: I'm 26, work as an administrator, and I'm the planner, photographer, and TR writer for our trips. I love Halloween/horror movies, music, good food, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and theme...
  7. E

    30 Years in the Making: 2020 Honeymoon PTR

    "You are the best thing I never knew I needed" ~ Princess and the Frog Welcome! Please join us on our honeymoon-planning journey! You'll find out how two people fell in love 30 years after they met. Why did it take us so long? Don't worry - I'll tell you when the time is right. If you're...
  8. evre13

    A BB-Great Day for the Race (Star Wars Rival Run 2019 TR) *Updated 5/24*

    Jambo friends! This is my first TR on the Dis, though I do have a Training Journal and a few failed PTRs. Let’s just say that if I could get through the Half Marathon, I can surely bank on that energy to finish a TR about it! I got back last week from a trip with friends that was planned...
  9. PJofNB

    Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally, golly, what a day! - Princess Half Marathon 2019 TR

    After reading and enjoying a number of trip reports from marathon weekend, I have decided to jump in and write my first trip report. I am still quite a novice with posting to these boards, so this will likely be a bit rough. First, a bit of background before getting to the trip itself... Who...
  10. gilsan

    Westbound Transatlantic Cruise and 6 nights in London 2018 ** Updated Nov 25 Sea Day 2

    Hi everyone, I have been meaning to start a trip report for our cruise in September. I always think I will start one as soon as I get back from the cruise, but I think it is a little bit of post-vacation depression that keeps me from starting. With our next cruise still over 7-months away I...
  11. DisneyyDaydream

    To the Ends of the Earth, Would You Follow Me? A 2 Week Oct/Nov 2018 TR *Updated 5/5*

    So finally, it’s happening. It’s happening. I’m sitting down to start typing up this overdue (by only 2 months, in my defense) TR. My first ever TR. The entire trip I stopped to take pictures of everything and made sure everyone knew that under no circumstances were they allowed to eat anything...
  12. Raeven

    Celebrating Grinchmas & Exploring Orlando (Dec 2018 TR) Completed 3/6

    For those of you who haven't read one of our trip reports before :welcome: My name is Raeven! :wave2: I'm 26, work as an administrator at a furniture store, and I'm the planner, photographer, and TR writer for our trips. I love Halloween/horror movies, music, good food, superhero movies (esp...
  13. HermanTriplets+1

    DLP Mini-TR or rather a list a bunch of comments and some pictures! Sept 2018

    Mini Trip Report - September 2-3-4 Two days "solo", one day with DH. No kids. First timer at DLP, experienced Disney Addict at WDW Orlando. What I did, saw, ate: in no particular order: Disneyland Park at DLP Big Thunder Mountain Adventure Isle Pirates of the Caribbean Sleeping...
  14. DWFamilyof6

    How bad is spring break, really?

    Our spring break is April 14-20 (week before Easter). I'm a very good planner and feel like if a good plan is all you need, then we can survive. Looking for people's experiences who have done spring break (week of Easter) year after year and why they keep doing it?
  15. MusicalAstronaut

    A Royal Upgrade - Solo 7/14-7/16 (Completed!)

    I'm back! You can check out my pre-trip report here if you'd like to know what my plans were. Who went on this trip: This was a solo adventure! I'm Lauren. I'm a 29 year old microbiologist from Atlanta. I have 2 dogs, a cat, and a husband who doesn't love Disney and is totally fine with me...
  16. paradesintherain

    Return of the Porg - A June 2018 TR *updated 6/24 Epic DISmeet highlights day 7 COMPLETED!*

    Intro Jambo, hello! (there’s really no cool theme to the Contemporary so no fun way to say hi) Welcome to my third trip report! You can read the other two here and here! This trip came about because my dad had a work conference to attend at the Contemporary so we got a great rate on the...
  17. paradesintherain

    A Polynesian Birthday: March 6th - 12th! *Updated and completed 6/10*

    Aloha! Welcome to my 2nd Trip Report. You can read my first trip report here - 13 days of fun! This trip came about because my birthday is March 9th, and on our last trip my dad and I had upgraded our tickets to Annual Passes, so why not go to the Most Magical Place on Earth for your 31st...
  18. Raeven

    "We Are Groot" -May 2018-26th BDay/F&G TR-Completed 9/3

    We're back from our 7th Disney/Universal trip! If you want to read more about our planning process the link is here: PTR (starting on page 9) Introductions: My name is Raeven. I'm 25 years old, and I'm the planner (and photographer!) for our trips. We had an amazing trip last May, and...
  19. hopey1kenobi

    Desserts, Flights, Garden Delights, & Galactic Nights: A 15th Anniversary Trip.

    Desserts, Flights, Garden Delights & Galactic Nights: 15th Anniversary Trip. This will be my 14th trip to Disney World, but my very first trip report. After reading so many trip reports (lurking around the forum) I decided to try it myself. The plan is to start this off in the Pre-Trip...
  20. TheLittleKatie

    Put On Your Sunday Clothes, There's Disney World Out There! (WL Jan 2018) *Updated 01/09 - page 15&16*

    Out there Full of shine and full of sparkle Close your eyes and see it glisten Barnaby! Listen Barnaby! Hello! I’m Katie :wave2: Welcome to my fourth trip report! Here’s a picture of my boyfriend and I at Disney. HA just kidding, that’s my bearfriend. This is my human boyfriend, Jamie...


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