trip planning

  1. M

    Looking for some guidance - Friends group trip!

    Hello! I've been lurking the DIS for a while but this is my first time posting, hope I don't make any mistakes. My SIL and I are planning a bit of a surprise trip for my brother at the end of january to visit Galaxy's Edge and I'm looking for some guidance on where to stay. We're a group of 5...
  2. Simba1 come in

    Planning 2 trips in 2020, Advice?

    I am planning 2 trips for my family in 2020, one in May and one in November. We are regular Disney travelers, but for the May trip we are renting DVC points for the first time (might also do this in November but haven’t decided yet). We usually buy a package through Disney to get a room discount...
  3. Weese's Pieces

    Wouldn't it be awesome if they had a Finding Nemo Ride?! Trip Report! UPDATED 6/10 PART 5!

    Well hey there! I'm actually pretty new here, but thought I would jump on board and show my most recent trip to all of you wonderful people! It was great, it was real, it was fun, but it wasn't real fun. Yeah okay, that's a lie! Our trip was amazing and we made so many wonderful memories along...
  4. Bailey22

    First Time Planning a Family Trip.... Help!

    My family and I are big Disney people, always have been. Up until now my mom has been the planner for any and all vacations we've taken as a family, but this year I'm in charge and it's a little overwhelming trying to make sure everyone will be happy and have a good time. While I've been on a...
  5. A

    3 days with Tween who travels alot?

    We're doing Disney/Universal with DD who will be 10 at the time (only child). We were there once before when she was 6, I think we did a day and a half in magic kingdom, almost a full day in Epcot, and half days for the other two. This time we're planning to go to Universal first, and drive over...
  6. Disnerdette

    When You DONT Need a 7DMT FP - Help me plan a long weekend trip!

    I’m a longtime Disney vet and naturally a plan-everything-in-advance kinda gal. DB and I are planning a long weekend trip for somewhere between early November to late January. (FWIW, I’ve run Wine & Dine, done MK at Christmas, and marathon weekend 4 times, so I already know these are busy months...


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