takumi tei

  1. N

    Takumi Tei alone?

    So I’m dying to try this Omakase tasting menu at Japan’s newest restaurant “Takumi Tei.” Problem isn’t no one seems to want to go with me. I don’t mind going to Disney alone and go have a meal at a restaurant, but I usually sit at the bar. If anyone has been there, tried the tasting menu, or...
  2. Steppesister

    The ABCs of a New 'Ohana Adventure- W is for: Wild for Wilderness Badges! (5/23) & X is for: X Marks the Spot(s)! (5/25)

    A is for: And This Is US Welcome Everyone to another SteppeSister Trip Report, where the unexpected happens, the verbiage is excess, and the stories sometimes entertain. The fact of the matter is, I’m never really sure how to start these things off, so I apologize in advance for the...


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