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  1. D

    First solo trip, HELP!!

    This is my first time posting on the boards, but I need some advice! I’m taking my first solo trip in March to the world, and I’m not sure where to stay. Right now, I’m booked at Poly, but I’m thinking about switching to a Bay Lake view at the Contemporary as it would complete my hotel journey...
  2. Princess_Nikki

    Anyone want to meet up...TODAY?! Ongoing post for same day Meetups!

    Ok, so I’m a local & thought it would be good to have a thread to find a DISer who might be traveling solo, or bored, or local, or traveling in a group and needing some escape time!! Did you maybe not find anyone traveling on your dates? Maybe you decided to wing it! Maybe you didn’t want to...
  3. N

    Solo Sipping around the World: A Wine & Dine, Run Disney Adventure (updated 12/21)

    :welcome:Welcome to my trip report! While I consider myself a WDW vet, this was my first solo trip and first trip during Wine and Dine. So many questions leading up to my trip....would I miss my boys, would I feel weird being by myself, how many grey goose slushes could I down during the...
  4. useakiss

    My 50th Birthday Solo Trip Blow-Out (Sept 2-13, 2017)

    Pre-trip and Friday, September 1st With the encouragement from several people both here and on Facebook, I've decided to document my recent trip. I've been thinking about the best way to capture everything, and I've decided to break the 12 days into separate entries for each day's activities...
  5. 2disneywego

    Victoria & Albert's

    Had to cancel due to needing a new roof therefore no Disney trips, meals, etc.


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