rise of the resistance

  1. B

    Back window on Rise of the Restistance transport shuttle

    This might seem like a strange question, but in every video of the ride I have seen, this just stood out to me as a bit strange. In the transport shuttle which brings you to the star destroyer, the back window has a black square in it. Is there a technical reason for that? Or does it have a...
  2. bgrego

    One day at the studios before the parks closed.

    One Day at Hollywood Studios...then the parks closed. What should we do now! We had booked our First DVC vacation at Saratoga Springs for the week of March 14-20. Carona Virus Struck and we still decided to travel. We are a family of 4 with two kids. We used three years of points to stay at...
  3. M

    Bus Transportation and Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups

    I am looking forward to a 4 day trip to WDW at the end of the month. I am traveling in a group of 7 and staying at Coronado Springs Resort. We are doing one day at HS on Saturday, February 29. I have followed along very closely the strategies to get a ROTR BG. However, I have not seen much about...
  4. B

    WDW Rise of the Resistance - Getting tickets. How early is transportation from a resort available?

    Hi. I've been reading about and viewing the posts about getting tickets for this ride. It seems that tickets are only available for a short period early in the morning. No problem understanding that. My question is how to get from the resort, Grand Floridian in my case, to Hollywood Studios at...
  5. JavaLikesAgua

    Possible ROTR Strategy for high % early group

    DISCLAIMER: I posted this before speaking to in-person guest experience, who said that groups are filled in order. It is still worth possibly trying to see the results. Posting another strategy in a few based off this. Don’t have any more days to test this for myself, but if anyone does, maybe...
  6. rteetz

    READ POST 1 & 2 FIRST-Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group Planning and Information-*No Spoilers*

    Welcome! Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance - the major headliner attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - opened to guests on December 5th, 2019. Since the opening, Disney has utilized a "Virtual Queue or Boarding Group" system that must be utilized in order to experience the attraction -...
  7. S

    New Fastpass Tier Predictions

    Hello, Hopeful thinking, but I've been thinking about all of the new attractions that are opening/have recently opened in Epcot and Hollywood Studios and have been hoping that they are going to have to change the Fastpass+ tiers at those parks. I thought it would be fun to hear your predictions...
  8. E

    Question about queue for RotR

    Hello everyone. Quick question. I understand you have to be in DHS in order to join the boarding group for RotR. Do you have to stay in the park in order to keep your spot in the queue? My mom and I were going to go to DHS at open and join the boarding group and then maybe head over to DAK if we...
  9. DiningPlanDevastator

    DHS Posted Hours versus Actual Hours

    Is there a historical listing available that compares the actual opening hours to posted opening hours for DHS? I will be arriving within a week and would like to know when to arrive in order to get a boarding group assigned for RoR. Thanks!
  10. rteetz

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Attractions Planning

    Attractions in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge This thread is about both Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attractions; Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Here you can discuss ride experiences, wait times, ride vehicles and much more! Rise of the Resistance This...