1. riversend22

    Should you buy Genie+ if you are a local with an AP?

    Hey all! So I did a search but didn't really find the answer I was looking for. My family recently moved to Florida about 45 minutes from the parks. We of course purchased annual passes for the whole family and have already made it worthwhile lol. Monday will be the first time we are taking my...
  2. DisneyPhotographics

    Riding Rides During Fireworks

    I've often heard WDW vloggers talk about riding rides during parades and fireworks as a strategy. Last time we were in Magic Kingdom in January 2020 and the fireworks started we header for rides and each one of them was closed or closing. Not sure if that was a rare occurrence or due to the...
  3. W

    Which park to do if it’s stormy?

    In the upcoming days, it’s supposed to be storming at Disney Paris for one of the days I am there. It says 80% rain and thunderstorms for the entire day. Which park would be best to do on the rainy day? I want to make sure that I will be able to experience as much as possible and not miss out on...
  4. G

    Is Toy Story Mania! safe for persons that have had neck surgery?

    I have had spinal fusion in my neck and was wondering if Toy Story Mania would be a safe ride. I look at the warnings but they are not very clear. Is there any ride in Hollywood Studios that would accommodate me? Would it be worth going if I cannot ride? Thanks. Toy Story Mania!
  5. riversend22

    Need help deciding...which park: Universal or Hollywood Studios?

    Hey dis folks! I need some help deciding which park to visit. Here are the deets: Visiting in two weeks (1/26-1/31) with 3 adults and 1 kid (12 yo). Looking to do a park for one day. The last time we visited, we went to Islands of Adventure, but they have since added Velocicoaster (I've ridden...
  6. K

    Ride Stress. Help!

    Hey guys, so I am not happy to be posting here. But I am supposed to be going to Universal Orlando in October and I am super nervous about this whole thing and am planning on canceling my trip because of my insecurities. Pretty much, I'm almost 300 pounds and wear a size 40 in mens pants (I used...
  7. 8

    Planning trip with back injury

    Just planned my first ever trip to Universal and Disney World! We'll be there over a week, and I don't want to miss a thing - one problem is, I've been suffering from chronic lower back pain for about 5 years. That being said, I'd rather play it safe than sorry, lest I be laid up in my hotel...
  8. monica9

    Here Now & Just Back WDW Reopening Experiences Including Park Hopping

    Moderator Note - All Off Topic Posts Will be Deleted. Stick to Here Now /Just Back content and relavent questions or your post may be removed from this thread. The Community Board is a great place to discuss the virus. Thank you. Looking for a thread to check out for the first day back at...
  9. L

    Favorite ride lines to wait in??!!

    Hello! Our trip is coming up mid-April and we’ve never been without FP at the parks. I’ve been watching the wait times and while some seem to be on the long side others seem pretty low-( ex 45min for soarin vs 35 min for frozen. 50 min FOP and 15 min Everest! )Prior to covid our longest line...
  10. Timandalicia

    Poll: Jeremy Irons or Dame Judi Dench?

    I had another thread going about favorite closed attractions and someone said they missed Jeremy Irons. I do too, but I love Judi’s voice. So, I’m a Judi fan. Who do you prefer? I’ll tally up the winner in 48 hours!
  11. _MG_1430.jpg


    Jungle Cruise 2017 after Hurricane Irma
  12. riversend22

    Visiting for one day at MK- Which attractions to hit first?

    Hey all! So I will be visiting MK on a Saturday in a few weeks. I'm only in town for a few days helping my mom, so I will only be able to visit the park for one day. With the crowds seeming to ramp up lately and weekends definitely bringing in heavier crowds, I'm wondering...what should my plan...
  13. A

    Non-rollercoaster Rides

    I haven’t been to Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure in over 5 years. I don’t really remember much about the rides as we don’t go too often. I’m hoping to incorporate a day or two at Universal/Islands of Adventure on my next trip to Florida. What rides would you suggest that are not...
  14. K

    I’m new here but I want to know any good tips and ideas for a first tile solo Disney visit

    I was wondering since I’m traveling solo in March 2021 currently not officially but probably, I have never Been to Disney believe it or not and I know it’s grown so much since I was Supposed to Go about 20 years ago. So is there any good tips for rides attractions themed areas and shops and...
  15. K

    I’m new here but I may go to Disney world for 3 days March 2021 any tips as a solo traveler

    I was wondering since I’m traveling solo in March 2021 currently not officially but probably, I have never Been to Disney believe it or not and I know it’s grown so much since I was Supposed to Go about 20 years ago. So is there any good tips for rides attractions themed areas and shops and...
  16. S

    First Ride of the Trip

    Hello everyone! I am bringing my grandmother on a Disney trip next spring. She has not been to Disney in at least 40 years, so I want to start her trip off strong. Our first day will be spent at Magic Kingdom, and I'm trying to choose the best first ride for her. The rides she would enjoy are...
  17. D

    Indiana Jones Building Shaking?

    I looked everywhere on the internet but can't find anything on the topic. I haven't been in a while but last time I was at DL the IJ building always kinda shook while in the loading area. I don't know if it is just me or not but this is kinda driving me nuts!! :confused3
  18. J

    fear of drops help needed please :)

    hi! my family is going on a trip to wdw in september and we’ve never been so obviously i don’t know anything about the rides. i get anxiety from and have gotten a panic attack on a rollercoaster once because i have a fear of drops and dips. what rides should i avoid? thanks!
  19. A

    "can't breathe" feeling on rides. help?

    I know I'm not the only one that goes through this Recently, I went to Epcot and went on Mission: Space with my family and we went on the orange one instead of the green one. Once the ride started, and I know how fast the orange one goes, I started freaking out because I had this feeling that I...
  20. S

    “Can I ride millennium falcon smugglers run?”

    Hello disboards! This is my first post and I’m happy to be here! I love watching the disunplugged and I hear so much of the great dis community and I really hope some of you can help me! :) I really want to plan a trip this fall to WDW and am trying to convince my family to go at the end of...