polynesian village resort

  1. S

    Help me choose a resort!

    Hi everyone! We are looking to book a trip for next summer and I need help deciding on a resort. It is just two adults and we are probably going to be renting DVC points. We are going to be going for somewhere between 8-10 nights and can’t choose if we want to do a split stay between Boardwalk...
  2. N

    What dining plan should we do?

    So I know that I am asking this question far in advance; however, I am working on planning this trip with someone who is on the other side of the country, and it can be hard sometimes. The trip isn't until September 10-18, 2021 (I know a long way away) for four people. Two of us have been...
  3. BellaBeast787

    AKL be Polynesian

    We are looking forward to going in 2021 but unfortunately we are torn on where to stay. Half of us want AKL where we would stay for 9 nights- and the Polynesian for 8 nights. The only thing that is holding us back from both are: The poly being crowded all the time and pricey for outdated rooms...
  4. J

    Alligators at Shades of Green/Polynesian?

    We are going to be staying at Shades of Green this summer & I had planned to take the walking path to the Polynesian for transportation to/from Magic Kingdom & Epcot. Then I had a thought. How often are gators seen on/near the trail between the two and how far away is any water and/or shrubbery...
  5. B

    Video of our favorite WDW Resort Christmas Displays for 2019

    We head out to see them all every year for the past 4 years, so figured we'd start recording all the beauriful displays.
  6. Silly23

    room tour

  7. ParksPixar&Pizza

    Tambu Lounge-Ohana Menu

    Hey everyone! I heard a rumor that at Tambu, you can get the fully Ohana menu, but I don’t see it on the menu. Can anyone confirm and say what the process is? Thanks!
  8. G

    Grand Floridan or the Polynesian?

    We are staying for 8 nights in October 2020 and are trying to figure out where we will stay. My husband says the Polynesian. However I am leaning towards the Grand. We have two boys both under 5. We will be using the pools! Also this year there seems to be heavier discounts on the Grand than the...
  9. T

    Multi Family Vacation

    I’m planning a vacation for next year. It will include my family of 4 (mom, dad, 4 year & 16 month old) plus another family of 4 (mom, dad, 3 & 4 year old). My family plans to stay at Poly but the other family doesn’t want to spend as much so are looking more toward Riverside. My family enjoyed...
  10. Steppesister

    The ABCs of a New 'Ohana Adventure- B is for: Bold, Beautiful Resort! Wilderness Lodge (7/4)

    A is for: And This Is US Welcome Everyone to another SteppeSister Trip Report, where the unexpected happens, the verbiage is excess, and the stories sometimes entertain. The fact of the matter is, I’m never really sure how to start these things off, so I apologize in advance for the...
  11. 5

    Ohana Twilight Feast Dining Plan

    Hello all, Is the twilight feast at Poly in room dining, on the dining plan? If so is it two credits per portion/person? I was trying to find this on the boards but couldn't. I appreciate any help! Thanks!!
  12. Babacuss

    Hatbox ghost Tiki Mug

    Who's Heading out to Trader Sam's in hopes of getting the new mug? I'm heading out Oct 12TH - Oct 14th , Friday-Sunday from Tampa hoping to snag one.pirate:
  13. Leopardchucks

    10 day touring plans for my first visit

    Hello all! I'm very much looking forward to any feedback and advice y'all may have for me. This will be my first ever trip to WDW, but I've been to DLR like a million times. :smooth: I have been tinkering with my schedule for the past few months and my FP+ window is rapidly approaching. I...
  14. Leesha.Monster

    A few DLR locals’ FIRST trip to WDW... and we had a BLAST!!! August 15-22, 2017 TR --- Updated 9/21

    I basically posted a not-so-detailed trip report for our very first trip to WDW on Facebook last August (2017)… soooo I thought I’d post it (plus some extra added details I remembered) here!! Hopefully that’s okay. :) About Us Alicia aka Leesha (aka Fishy or Grumpy Fish as I’m sometimes...
  15. paradesintherain

    A Polynesian Birthday: March 6th - 12th! *Updated and completed 6/10*

    Aloha! Welcome to my 2nd Trip Report. You can read my first trip report here - 13 days of fun! This trip came about because my birthday is March 9th, and on our last trip my dad and I had upgraded our tickets to Annual Passes, so why not go to the Most Magical Place on Earth for your 31st...
  16. Newsies

    It's Our First Thanksgiving Trip (And I'll Start My PTR A Year Early if I Want To!)- COMPLETE 11/16

    ... Hi! My name is Kaitlyn and it's been three months since I properly finished a PTR on these boards, two months since I finished up a TR, and approximately 3 days since I cancelled a PTR on the Disneyland boards. The creative well is running a little dry in these introductory posts as they...
  17. Newsies

    Newsies' Quest for the Unicorn Pinata - A Julaugust TR - FINISHED 9/21!

    "If you are interested in stories with happy endings... you have come to the right place. In this story, there is not only a happy ending, there is also a happy beginning. And many happy things in the middle. ... and it is my solemn duty to bring to light this story." You guessed it...


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