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  1. Meglen

    **November 2019***

    Didn't see a Nov 2019 thread so decided to add one. We just booked today we rented points for the first time and got the contract all done.!!! Nov 7-13 !!! Bay lake theme park view!! Squeeeee
  2. B

    Help Planning 3 Days with Kids

    Hi Everyone! We are working on planning our upcoming trip in November! We will be there 11/17-11/19 (Sun-Tues). There will be 4 adults who plan to spend all three full days in the park(s) and a family with 2 adults and 2 kids (one will have just turned 3, the other is almost 6). The family...
  3. MinnieWebster

    Let's do this! WDW in August!

    Short notice, but I've enjoyed reading several DISer's PTRs for upcoming trips, and thought it'd be fun to try sharing my own plans for our upcoming trip to the World. :flower1: Who: Myself and DH When: August 24-Sept 2, 2017 (our longest visit!) Where: We are staying at AS Sports We don't...
  4. ndwiese

    Our FIRST family Disney vacation! September 2017!!

    I am SO excited for this trip! My best friend and I had talked for YEARS...hoping one day our families would get to go on vacation together. Last year we finally started seriously talking and decided it was time...we are planning our first vacation together..and at DISNEY WORLD!!!! We are...


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